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Nurturing Creativity

     I had the pleasure of stumbling across this video on anther blog (thank you, amyjane smith).  In it, Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, speaks about creativity.
Have you ever noticed that sometimes things land in your life, just when you need them? 🙂
     Check this video out on  (Apologies to anyone who stopped by previously and were unable to access the video I had attempted to embed here!)
     I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love when I, too, was searching for something spiritually.  I was envious of her ability to run off to Italy and longed to experience it myself.  Of course, I failed to recognize at the time that her life had hit bottom before she made room for these experiences.  They were kind of last-ditch effort to find herself and find more solid footing to build her life on.  I realize now that while I may still be a spiritual seeker, I have the stability of a loving marriage to bolster me and support me during my times of uncertainty.
     This video also speaks to uncertainty in creativity.  It is for anyone involved in a creative endeavor, including the ultimate creative endeavor of living a life.  And I think she really hits home when she says to the creative power of the universe, “you and I both know that if this book isn’t brilliant that is not entirely my fault, right? Because you can see that I am putting everything i have into this.  I don’t have any more than this.  So if you want it to be better, then you’ve got to show up and do your part of the deal. OK. But if you don’t do that, you know what, to hell with it.  I’m going to keep writing anyway because that’s my job.  And I would please like the record to reflect today that I showed up for my part of the job.”
     How completely freeing to take all the creative onus off of myself!  To allow that there is a greater power in the universe that may have some input!  That takes some of the fear out of writing for me.  It is not up to me to be singlehandedly brilliant every time I put pen to paper.  It is up to me to show up and do my job.
     So “Ole!” to all of us!!


  1. t

    So true and love the quote! Thanks for coming by my blog and sharing. I look forward to more of you posts.

  2. Jocelyn

    I particularly loved this blog post!! Thank you for posting this 🙂 Ole!!

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