Catching Fireflies

finding magic along the way

Oh to be lovely and inspiring at the same time…

Last weekend I came across two surprises on my About Me page.  Someone had stopped by in June and again in July and presented me with two awards!  What a wonderful and unexpected surprise! 🙂

I have been given the Inspiring Blog Award and the One Lovely Blog Award by DaphneShadows.  Thank you thank you, Daphne!  I am so pleased that you enjoy my blog. 

Please take a moment to visit her blog by clicking here.

I am going to follow Daphne’s lead and combine the rule of the two awards since they are almost the same.

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you. Done and done!
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Nominate 15 blogs that inspire you and let them know in a comment on their blog. (YIKES! 15!?)

OK… here it goes!

Seven Things About Me

  1. When life gets stressful, I escape with children’s fiction.
  2. I hate flying and tend to travel only close to home.
  3. I often talk to myself.
  4. I am addicted to Good and Plenty candy.
  5. I used to sing in the shower but now I seem to have misplaced my voice. (need to work on that!)
  6. I believe in the therapeutic benefits of a nap- as often as possible.
  7. I expect perfection from myself but can forgive others for imperfections. (need to work on that, too!)

Fifteen Blogs that Inspire Me/Are Lovely

  1. The Writing Blues a blog about writing (surprise, surprise!) 🙂
  2. Daphne Shadows – blogaward-giver extraordinaire!
  3. Serious Pixie with links to her “Writers Don’t Cry” advice column on Amazon.
  4. Writing Under Pressure by Christi Craig on writing
  5. Wordswimmer by Bruce Black – combining writing, yoga and life.
  6. Roots of She by Jenn Gibson – gives me courage to be myself.
  7. Write Naked by Hannah Goodman blogs about writing and teaching writing
  8. Mobyjoe Cafe – writing and life and inspiration
  9. Jeff Goins Writer – a kick in the butt
  10. The Write Practice – informative and idea generating site run by Joe, Liz and guest posters
  11. Purpose Fairy – how to live an inspired life!
  12. – very inspiring writing
  13. Writing Our Way Home – by Fiona and Kaspa – More about finding contentment and joy than writing
  14. Judy Lee Dunn blogs about writing and blogging.
  15. The Creative Juicer by Emily Wenstrom blogs about creativity and writing

Phew!  That was tough to narrow down.  There are so many wonderful blogs that I have come across in the last six months. Thank you to all of the above bloggers for inspiring me on a daily basis!


  1. Cheryl I’m with you, I like to escape through children’s fiction as well. And coincidentally that’s the sort of fiction I like to write!

    • Writing it is as good an escape as reading it. That is my preference in writing as well.

  2. Daphne Shadows

    Ha, ha! I love #6! I concur. 😉

  3. Cheryl, Thanks so much for the award, I’m honored!
    While I’m not much of a Good and Plenty fan, I definitely talk to myself often enough to warrant odd expressions from strangers. But hey, what writer doesn’t talk to herself. It’s how we work out all the kinks in dialogue 🙂

    And naps, too. I’m all for a 20 minute siesta most days.
    Happy Writing!

    • So nice to hear I am not the only one babbling away when no else is in the room. 🙂

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