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If willpower were all it took…

I am sure that most of you will totally relate to this…

I have been sick for over a week – nothing major, just your average run of the mill end of summer cold, but wow, has it kicked my butt.  After walking around in a decongestant fog for ten days, I am tired of being sick.  I have spent the last week getting through my day job to come home exhausted and sit on the couch, a lump under an afghan, never far from my box of Puffs with lotion and cup of hot tea.  I want to write, but cannot focus my brain.  I want to read, but cannot focus my eyes.  So I have sat and stared blankly at reruns of Alias on DVD (end of summer = no new TV) and felt like warmed over dog doo.

So I am putting my foot down.  I am not going to be sick any longer. I am going to will myself to stop sniffling, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, not sleeping, and fuzzy-headed.  Ah, that it were that easy, huh?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could climb out of our ruts, kick our own butts, and accomplish everything we wish to achieve just by willing it to happen?

Here, in no particular order, is the top ten list of things I want to will myself to do in addition to getting well…if time and talent (and willpower) were not an issue, of course!

  1. Get in shape (This is the most started and stopped resolution on my list)
  2. Eat healthier (I am better at this than I used to be, but…)
  3. Start a daily yoga practice (Hatha yoga – not hot yoga which sounds way too stressful)
  4. Play more violin and piano (I play both but am not proficient at either one!)
  5. Grow my own vegetables (I really don’t like to garden – I just like the idea of gardening!)
  6. Bake my own bread (I have made bread with success, but would love to do it every week!)
  7. Learn Italian and/or continue to learn Spanish (began in college and have had zero practice in since!)
  8. Sew and quilt more (not nearly enough time in my life to complete all the projects I want to.)
  9. Catch up on my reading (Ha! an impossible task!  There are always more books on my list than I could ever finish.)
  10. Write more and write better (an obvious one)

I just rattled those off the top of my head.  I am quite proud of myself that #10 did not come out as “get published.”  I think that too many writers focus on that and miss the journey.  Don’t get me wrong.  The journey can be frustrating and exhausting, but it is also the best part.  If I were to write just to get published, I think I would eventually find it to be an unfulfilling hobby.  And not just because the road to publication is so long and fraught with peril. I think if I did not find joy in the simple pleasure of putting words on the page, I would not be able to continue following this dream.  My dream is to be a writer, not just a published writer.  Writing is the true reward – being published is just gravy! 🙂

What are some of the items on your list? Your “to do” list? The resolutions that appear year after year?


  1. Zen

    Good luck with the items on your list! I would like to get in shape too. It’s not too bad, but I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate and spending more time sitting down than moving about, so a few pounds have accumulated. =[

    And I’m with you on No. 10!

    • See that is the problem… I think chocolate is a lot more important in my life than being in shape. 🙂

  2. I love how you went into detail about #10. I fully agree with you about the writing vs publishing question. If I could write everyday all day long and not have to worry about paying the bills, I would–it’s that enjoyable. 🙂

    Sorry you’ve been sick. Hope you get better soon!

    • Thanks! I know what you mean about those pesky bills getting in the way of doing what we really want… 🙂

  3. I think I’ve got the same cold — it’s hovering in my sinuses and chest at the moment. My list? Hike more. Daily meditation. Yes, Yoga. Cease carrying the weight of the world. Of these, daily meditation practice is probably the most do-able. And I agree about the whole “publishing” thing.

    • Thanks Terri! I really like your goal to cease carrying the weight of the world. I may adopt that as #11.

  4. My list…
    Pray to my higher power everyday and as many times througout the day as I need it!
    Be truly thankful for everyday that my body is used as a vehicle for my soul and embrace that I have no limitations
    Ask for help when I need it instead of doing everything myself
    Stop self-medicate myself with food (I’ve done pretty good for a few weeks – but before that, the pound of Oreo’s would be finished in about 10 minutes after a typical day at the office)- YUCK! ~ Lead a healthful life including mediation, exercise and eating correctly
    Spend quality time with my family – with us all off of our laptops and mobile devices!
    Make sure that my family knows that I am so blessed to be a part of their lives every moment we are together.
    Grow my business so that I can work for myself 100% of the time.
    Journal my feelings everyday.
    Learn Italian over the next two years and travel to Italy in two years for vacation with my daughters and husband
    Go to bed by 10:00 PM – no exceptions

    This is a good start 🙂
    I love your posts Mrs. Fassett, keep them coming.

    • Mrs. Rex — You are always a welcome visit here! 🙂
      Love your list and know exactly what you mean about the pound of oreos after a day at the office… having some of those days myself recently. It is either the oreos, or the wine. 🙂
      Is bellydancing a step toward using your body as a vehicle for your soul!? Love that!! 🙂

  5. Daphne Shadows

    I wish I could learn how to play the violin. And the guitar. And the harp – always wanted to learn to play the harp since I was a little kid. Wish I could learn to play the piano too.
    There are so many things on my list that its not even funny.

    I’m with you on the willing being sick away. That would be so nice! Beyond words nice! If will power were all it took, I’d be jumping for joy!!!

    • Daphne – If you want to learn the violin or guitar or harp — you must buy or rent one and get some lessons! It is never too late. I started violin in my late 30s and love it. I realize I will never be a concert performer and will most likely never even play in public. But I play for myself and get such satisfaction from it. Same with piano – wrong notes and rythyms and all. 🙂 I got my violin from Stringworks and they do rentals so you can try them out and see if it is something you want to really pursue!! Beautiful instruments!

      • Daphne Shadows

        Oh I plan on learning. Right now I don’t have the money though. It’ll probably be a couple years before I can get to the ‘wants’ stage. I’m with you, I just want to play for the love of music! 😀

        • I think everyone should play an instrument just for the sheer joy of it! I think the world would be a much happier place.

  6. p.s. – I think I got your cold! It is a butt kicker for sure. Hope you’re over the hump. 3rd day of a Z-pack here.

    • Oh, Terri, hope you feel better soon! Two weeks now and I am still using Puffs with lotion!

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