Catching Fireflies

finding magic along the way

When your creativity is waning

I recently read a great post on Kind over Matter.  In it, Amanda lists a bunch of ideas for kickstarting your creativity like finger painting, trying a new medium, logging off Facebook and Twitter, and so on. I subscribe to this and other blogs about creativity for this very reason.  Sometimes the well is running a bit dry and I need an infusion.

We live in a world full of political agendas, violence, crime, illness, and news media that thrives on conflict.  This constant barrage of bad news can drain you of precious energy that you could spend on a passionate creative pursuit.  I think many of the world’s ills could be cured if people watched less news and created more art in whatever form their art may take!

I am always looking for ways to poke the muse.  It is too easy in this hi-tech, bustling world where busy is rewarded and dreams get trampled in the stampede up the ladder to let your creativity languish.  Ignored creativity can become an infection in the heart, a disease of the body and mind, leading to a life without passion, fun and frivolity.

Some of the other inspirational people I follow:

Jill Badonsky, both on Facebook and through her newsletter and books – The Awemanac and Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Body Guard).  I so enjoyed her first two books that I have pre-ordered her new one, out this winter – The Muse is In: An Owner’s Manual to Your Creativity.

Sark is also an inspirational powerhouse. Many of her colorful books adorn my shelves, including Succulent Wild Woman, Juicy Living, and Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper.

Patti Digh is also an inspiring woman who has written two of my favorite creative books: Life is a Verb, and Creative is a Verb.

I follow The Purpose Fairy blog which is filled with wonderful, inspirational articles about how to believe in yourself and not let the world bring you down. This site never fails to inspire with articles like Letting Go of Opinions that Taint Us and Following your Passions and Finding your Purpose.

Tess Marshall’s blog, The Bold Life is another one I look forward to finding in my inbox. She will grace you with articles about how to overcome your fears and how to be bold and fearless.

And always leaves me thinking.  Here you will find articles on everything from using creativity to access the divine, how to declutter your life and your mind to make room in your life for your true passion, how to discover peace and gratitude.

Perhaps one of the best places for me to go to get a creativity infusion, though, is my WordPress blog reader! Or the email account I set up specifically to act as a blog reader for the non-Wordpress blogs I follow.  I started following the blogs of published authors but now find I am drawn more towards the unpublished writers, the amateur photographers and artists, and those who, like me, are just trying to make a little sense of their world.  Even if you don’t actually start a blog, I highly recommend you create a log in on WordPress and go to the “Freshly Pressed” page and just start poking around.  See what lifts your skirt! Follow anyone who seems to be speaking directly to you or creates art in a medium that inspires you.  Within a week or two, your blog reader will be filled with inspiration!

So if you are feeling worn out by the bombardment of bad news and depressed by the lack of magic in the world around you, seek out something that is uplifting to your creativity! Click on any of the above links and let yourself play!


  1. Great post Cheryl, This is the exact train of thought we have for our blog. Feel free to check it out, we are new but we think we have a decent amount of inspirational material that will hopefully have a positive affect on the reader.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I am always looking for something to reach out and give me the kick I need! I will definitely check out your site!

  2. I appreciate your support. So happy to inspire you. Have an ah-mazing week.

  3. Jennifer Szescula Flanagan

    Thank you for your recommendations – I need some more inspiration right now!

    • Hi Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you found my post helpful. I am in a bit of a slump creatively at the moment so I rely on the inspiration around me to get me going.

  4. It is so true how the media can drain our very souls. Decades ago I resolved to NOT watch the news or read newspapers. Almost over night I felt better! For sure there maybe some things I should be aware of but there are plenty of people around me that let me know the ‘big’ things. With the freedom to choose what media I look at ensures I have a pleasant experience with it instead of negative. The blogs you have shared are truly wonderful – thank you.

    • So glad to know I am not the only one who chooses to avoid the news. Sometimes I feel like I am completely in the dark with current events! 🙂 Thankfully my husband does not laugh too hard when I ask stupid questions about things that have been plastered all over for weeks and I am just hearing about them! 🙂

  5. I love SARK & Patti Digh!

    Thanks honey, will check out the others 🙂


    • If you are on Facebook at all, I follow these inspiring women on there as well and there is always something to smile about and think on. 🙂

  6. Love this, and thanks for some leads to what look like great blogs/sites to follow. I love dabbling in the other modes of creativity, and I wish I could do it more often.

    • I signed up to follow these insiring fos on facebook so every day gives me a boost of creativity!!

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