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Fa La La La Laaah, La La La Pthzbbbbbbbt!

When the world seems broken, take the time to find a way to show some love. ~ Jill Badonsky

I have to start by apologizing for my absence the last week or so. Life really derailed me for a little bit.

Let me start by saying that I love Christmas and everything about the holiday season. I love snowflakes, santa hats, wish lists, lights, baking, eating, trees, decorations, you name it. But December, I am not so fond of.

December is year end at work, the most stressful month of the year for me. As the sole administrative person in my group of physicians and nurse anesthestists, every possible task having to do with year end lands on my desk. Add to that the need to continue with all the day to day tasks that easily fill a forty hour work week, and toss in some shortened weeks, and we have a recipe for a lot of stress.

Then the social calendar starts to pick up. There are work parties, friend parties, family gatherings, shopping trips, lunch dates… All good times and things I enjoy, but everyone it seems wants a piece of you in December.

Then it is flu season… Yep. I scheduled a day off in the middle of this stressful time to allow myself to shop and write holiday cards and get a much needed massage. I woke up that morning with a temperature of 102.1! I did not get off the couch except to shower and put on fresh pjs all weekend. 😦 Here I am, a week later, and I still feel like I got hit by a truck earlier this month and if given the chance, I could sleep for a week.

Then we had 12/14… The news of the tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary reached me during my lunch break. I did not know anyone involved. I do not have children of my own. But let me tell you, this event rocked me to my core. I cried and swore and stared in shock at the television.

And little by little, drop by drop, I felt the last of that holiday spirit ebbing away…

I have not reached the bah humbug stage yet. I still believe there is good in the world and that people are inherently good not evil. But the events of last Friday almost killed that belief. Children? Really? What did they ever do to that guy? And could the media stop talking about him and putting his name out there? It will only serve to fire up others like him who want to go out one way or another and figure they may as well become famous while they do it.

I am not sure what the world has come to. I would like to believe, no, I need to believe that the good in the world still far outweighs the bad. I need to know that people are not so bad, and that love for our fellow humans still exists.

I am hoping that my holiday spirit returns in time for the holidays… If not, well maybe next year.


  1. phoenixrisesagain
    • WOW! An award for my little blog! Thank you, my friend! 🙂

      • phoenixrisesagain

        you are welcome and it is well deserved!

  2. It is tough out there these days, and I know what you mean about the need to believe that the good outweighs the bad. My Christmas spirit tanked early this year when my mom was hospitalized over Thanksgiving. This whole month I don’t know if I’ve been coming or going.

    But still, I love Christmas, and I will do as much as I can to keep the spirit alive. You take care, Cheryl. And Merry Christmas.

    • Thank you for letting me know I am not alone! 🙂 I, too, still love the holiday season, but am going to allow myself to just ride along on other’s coattails this year as far as the decorating, baking, etc are concerned.

  3. Here’s to hoping that the spirit of Christmas returns to you tenfold. God bless.

    • Thanks for that! I have a sneaking suspicion that as soon as Christmas is over, I will start to get in the mood… Ah well, maybe next year! 🙂

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