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Letting Go in the New Year

I have not been over to the WordPress Reader yet today but I am sure there will be many posts about New Year’s resolutions and starting fresh. That is my favorite part of January 1st ~ a clean slate, 365 unfilled days to write as I choose.

That is also the scariest part of January 1st… 365 empty days stretched out ahead of me that should be filled with inspired acts and wise words. (No pressure, though, right?!)

I read on Facebook earlier this week that you have to first let go of what is not working for you in order to make room for anything new. I think this is excellent advice, though I admit it is most difficult to follow.  We must clear our hearts and heads of the negatives, the mistakes, the missteps, the trial and error that did not work for us in the past. Without doing this, you don’t have the space and freedom to bring forth a new way of thinking and being.

Whew! That came out sounding pretty new age-y, huh?! 🙂

But it is true.

It is scary enough to consider a new year as a blank book to be filled by every thought and action you are going to have in the days and months ahead. But to face that prospect while still lugging around the garbage we collect mentally and emotionally throughout the previous year is just asking for trouble.

How can we expect to get in shape and lose weight, when we are mentally bashing ourselves for every cupcake we consumed in 2012?? How can we face the thought of yet more rejections in our creative life, work life, love life, when we are toting forward all the dread and frustrations from the last year’s attempts at publishing, promotion, life long happiness?

The answer is – we can’t!

We have to clear our hearts of the pain from past attempts and failures to make it possible for the seed of anticipation and excitement to start to grow there. We have to make room in our lives for something new and different!

So the book did not find an agent last year? Time to revamp the query letter, perk up the synopsis, network with more writers, try a different approach. Maybe it is even time to look into self-publishing.

So you didn’t make the time last year to learn to cook, work with that new camera, travel to a foreign land, beef up your savings account, try your hand at day-trading… Whatever it was that you had on your resolution list for 2012 that did not become reality, forget about it! 2012 is over. You cannot go back and make it happen last year. BUT you can make it happen in 2013.

If those dreams and goals are still stirring your heart, try a different approach to fit them into your life this year. Take a giant step and actually sign up for that class that you have been eyeballing in the local continuing education catalog. Sign up with that personal trainer and commit to getting in shape.

Whatever your dream or resolution, that is the key word… Commit. Commit to yourself, commit to your life and living your dream. No one else can make it happen. This is your year!

But first, commit to letting go of what has not worked for you in the past. Let go of negative self talk and mental bashing for the things you did not do last year, for the attempts that did not pan out, for the resolutions you broke by January 2nd.

This is a new year and you have 365 days to fill in as only you can.

What will you do with them?


  1. MerylF

    I absolutely agree that letting go of the old year is important. Not so much letting go of the failures, but not dwelling on them as a bad thing. Rather, look at failures as an attempt to learn and grow, and realise you will do better next time.
    Happy new year!

    • Excellent advice, Meryl! Always important to grow from the attempts. 🙂 I think it also means letting go of people and activities that no longer support you on your journey. For example, a “friend” who is never supportive, always takes, but never gives. Sad, but sometimes the best thing you can do is just walk away from some people.

      • MerylF

        I agree with that. Emotional vampires are exhausting and give nothing back. Better to spend time with true friends.

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