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Monthly Archives: February, 2013


I had the opportunity to attend the online WANACon over the past weekend and I had told you all that I would be sure to let you know how it went. Well, I have been trying for the past two days to wrap my brain around all of the information that I learned so I …

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The Icing on the Cake

I have had a pretty awesome week so far… I started my Scrivener class with Gwen Hernandez. I learned about WANACon when there was still time to register. (SO EXCITED!) I was able to take this Friday and Monday off of my day job which means two short work weeks! I got extremely positive feedback …

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When the Universe smacks you upside the head

What can I say? When the universe smacks you upside the head repeatedly, you start to pay attention. I have been following Kristen Lamb’s blog for almost a year now. I have gained a lot of insight into the publishing world from her posts and enjoy her sense of humor. I even joined her WANA …

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Building up calluses

When I quilt, I develop calluses on my fingertips where the needle pokes through the top fabric and my fingers feel for the point to guide it to the next stitch. It takes about a week or so of hand quilting to build up the calluses enough so that my fingertips don’t throb. But for the first …

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Do you want the good news, or the bad news?

So tell me – do you want the good news or the bad news first? I think I will give you the good news first because the world is full of too much negativity as it is. 🙂 I have been reading a lot of articles and blog posts lately regarding the publishing industry and …

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All I Ever Get From Me Are Excuses!

How is it that the universe knows what I need? I mean, here I am, minding my own business, eating a sandwich and contemplating what my next post should be about. I am rolling a few ideas around in my head and a new email pops into my in box. Not one to let the …

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To Sleep, Perhaps To Dream

I had high hopes this afternoon for writing. I had free time, and my Mac was fully charged! I was going to edit edit edit on my novel and write a few blog posts and work on a game plan to attach project self publish! Then this happened… I know, I know! We must be …

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The True Cost of Writing

I read a post yesterday from writingatmidnight here on WP titled The Cost of Writing. I found that it really hit home with me.  I, too, get email updates from various sites like The Writer, and Writer’s Digest and am always so excited about an online workshop or webinar until I scroll down to the price. …

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