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To Sleep, Perhaps To Dream

I had high hopes this afternoon for writing.

I had free time, and my Mac was fully charged! I was going to edit edit edit on my novel and write a few blog posts and work on a game plan to attach project self publish!

Then this happened…

I know, I know! We must be strong. We must have willpower. But anyone with pets knows that the sound of kitten snores is like a drug! There was sighing; there was cooing; there were SIX of them! I was obviously outnumbered…

I know. I am weak. I must buckle down and work through these lovely distractions on a sunny, lazy Sunday afternoon. But alas, today, I did not! 🙂

What keeps you from working on your dreams? Do you find the napping blanket calling to you the moment you sit down to work? The TV? That great book you’ve been meaning to read? Is it our self-doubt causing us to procrastinate? I’d love to hear from you!




  1. Well, in your defense, no can reasonably be expected to resist a kitten 😛

    For me this past week, it has been having this awful cold going around. Every time I sit down at the computer, I just want to lay down. Here’s to both of us finding a cure for our distractions next week!

    • Thanks Sarah for showing me I am not the only distracted writer out there! 🙂 hope you feel better soon and can get back to work!

  2. Oh I can definitely relate to that!! A lot of times I am sitting here with my laptop, into what I am writing and all of a sudden my eyes get heavy, I am yawning and a nap is heavy on the brain, sometimes overpowering me. Yeah I can relate.

    • The sounds of six cats sleeping like they have been heavily sedated all around me usually does me in! I find if I try to ignore the impulse to nap, the writing is pretty poor. 🙂

      • I miss having a cat 😦 Hopefully soon I can live somewhere so I can have another one

  3. phoenixrisesagain

    lol I have a army full of distractions as my project “write a short story for a competiton” showed today. Well there where my wonderful husband in the morning, meditation, youtube, all that research into short stories, all those blogs I haven’t written yet, some cooking, some cleaning, the birds outside in the garden, those creepy sounds the house makes when I am alone….. I finished the story though in the end. I have until Friday to edit and enter ……

    • I always seem to find a million things I need to do as soon as possible the moment I decide to sit down and write. Sunday I did good though. Even got out my laptop…then the kittens started to snore and breath the deep breathing of the near comatose and that was it for me, I just had to nap!

      • phoenixrisesagain

        well it is time for early spring tiredness so we just can not help it can we 😉 I slept until 8 on Monday which destroyed my whole Monday morning routine but well I’ll survive

        • I don’t know if my writing can survive a few months of spring tiredness! I am just coming off a few months of WINTER tiredness!! Ah, those lovely excuses… 🙂

          • phoenixrisesagain

            lets go seemlesly into summer tiredness…… 🙂 I am actually writing can you believe it ~ but with bucketsfull of coffee 🙂

            • Go you!! I have to work today, so no hope for any creative work til lunchtime.

              • phoenixrisesagain

                You can do it! Five minutes being creative at a time….. sending my muse along she does not seem to stay with me anyway 😉


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