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All I Ever Get From Me Are Excuses!

How is it that the universe knows what I need? I mean, here I am, minding my own business, eating a sandwich and contemplating what my next post should be about. I am rolling a few ideas around in my head and a new email pops into my in box. Not one to let the mail sit for long [ah, the distraction of email!], I quickly pop over to my box and see it is a Daily Om.

Anyone not familiar with these little gems should really check them out. They are short snippets of wisdom that land in my mailbox every day and often get the wheels turning.

Today is no exception. Today, it is speaking directly to me about excuses and how they drain our energy away from what we should really be doing. Check it out here.

I used an excuse Sunday when I let the cats lure me into a nice long nap. I was too tired to write and if I were to push through it, what I wrote while exhausted would probably suck anyway. Yep. Didn’t take a lot of effort to convince myself of that. Then one excuse will lead to another. I then had to put away laundry, cook dinner, medicate the cats, and just relax a bit before bed. I managed to fill an entire day that was technically free of the usual 8-10 hours of work and obligations with excuses.

I called them distractions. Doesn’t that sound nicer? I was distracted, instead of I made excuses. I talked myself out of doing the very thing that I WANT to do. [Bangs head on desk.] And now I am trapped in another weekly cycle of obligations that legitimately rob me of my writing time. This will cause tension in my heart and soul until another weekend arrives when I have a few hours of uninterrupted time.

Let’s see if I can spend it wisely instead of making more excuses!

Are you just making excuses? What do you tell yourself is the reason for NOT doing what needs to be done to reach your goals?

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