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When the Universe smacks you upside the head

What can I say? When the universe smacks you upside the head repeatedly, you start to pay attention.

I have been following Kristen Lamb’s blog for almost a year now. I have gained a lot of insight into the publishing world from her posts and enjoy her sense of humor. I even joined her WANA (We Are Not Alone) Tribe, though I have not been very active on that site. For those of you unfamiliar with this site, the tribe is a community of writers that offer each other support. Yet, for some reason it never occurred to me to follow WANA on Facebook.

I use Facebook like most people use it – as a way of reconnecting with old acquaintances and a way to connect more with people I know now. Over the last six months or so, I have found myself following inspirational pages as well, and also connecting to writers’ groups and organizations. I often share quotes or funny posts instead of posting a personal update. I have gotten a lot of inspiration from some of these pages and try to share the love when I can.

So, last Friday, I was setting up some pages to follow from my newly launched author page ( 🙂 ) and it occurred to me that I should follow WANA. So I did.

Sunday morning as I scrolled through the news feed, I found this:


It was a post from WANA. Intrigued, I clicked on the link and lo and behold, the universe smacked me upside the head!

I have always wanted to attend a real live writers conference, but cost and travel details, not to mention the fear of not being a “real” writer kept me from pursuing this. So what do you ask did the universe send me? An open invitation to “attend” the first ever online writers conference from the comfort of my couch and bunny slippers!

For $125, you get two days worth of seminars led by leaders in the publishing industry – everything from using social media to self publishing to Amazon and more. Plus any seminars you miss because you have to run errands or take a potty break are taped so you can watch them when you get back to your computer. There are also pitch sessions for selling your story to agents, and after hours socializing.

I clicked on the schedule thinking that surely there was a catch, maybe only one session would be of interest, or I missed the dates.

But no! Every session appears to be something I can learn from and the conference does not kick off until the meet and greet on Thursday 2/21. I have found it just in time!

Well, I may be slow sometimes, but I am not stupid. I registered for the conference today and told my boss I was taking Friday off from my day job.

Any writers out there who follow me… Click here to register today!!

And anyone else — pay attention out there… The universe may be trying to get your attention! 🙂


  1. Cheryl, I’m attending my first conference this summer, BlogHer. It’s exciting, isn’t it? I wish I could afford to do more, but I think I will maybe be able to do one a year or something. Maybe.

    • Hi Cindy! That is exciting! I am giddy and it isn’t even a live face-to-face conference. 🙂 I keep looking at the agenda and trying to figure out where I can squeeze in a vet appointment for the cat while missing the least amount of time in the live seminars. Thank goodness I’ll be able to catch them on video afterwards.

  2. That sounds great! Let us know how it goes.

    • I will definitely post about it afterwards! 🙂

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