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Monthly Archives: March, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Yesterday, I was at Agway buying some birdseed and Lowes buying a new desk lamp. I found myself meandering through the garden areas, looking at the new baby trees that are nothing more than a bundle of roots and a few sticks above the soil line. Though the tables were mostly empty still at this …

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Forced into Silence

Some of you may have noticed that I kind of dropped off the blogging world for a week without a single post. I had been going along, minding my own business, writing a steady stream of posts, when BAM! For no apparent reason, I woke up last Saturday with excruciating back pain. Now, I am …

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Boosting Confidence – One Move at a Time

Yesterday I posted about faking it til you make it. I came across this TedTalk about body language shaping who you are and was intrigued. Amy Cuddy’s talk takes the fake it til you make it adage one step further. And it is an important step. What good is making it if you still don’t feel as though …

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Fake It Til You Make it?

It’s a phrase we hear a lot – Fake it til you make it! And usually people giving us that kind of advice make it sound so simple. As though merely pretending is enough to create a permanent change. I think a lot of it depends upon the situation. Is this phrase being bandied about …

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The Side Effects of Quitting

Yesterday I posted about why we write. Today, I want to talk about why we don’t write. There can be as many reasons why people don’t put words to paper as there are for why we do, and just as many as to why we stop sometimes. There are people who say that writers write; …

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Giving a voice to this

I have been reading a lot of articles online lately about why we read and why we write. Entire books have been dedicated to collecting famous authors reasons for putting words to paper. I have some of them and have flipped through others, and in many cases the reasons that some very famous people have …

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Scrivener Rules!

As a writer, and for years as a wanna-be writer, I have always been drawn to writing software. I have downloaded and tried out everything from Word to Write Way to Storyweaver. I looked at Dramatica to WritersBlocks and every other piece of software I came across. I was a software junkie. But nothing seemed to fit. I …

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Loving What You Do

Every single one of us can do things that no one else can do – can love things that no one else can love. We are like violins. We can be used for doorstops, or we can make music. You know what to do. ~Barbara Sher   I came across this quote and an article titled …

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