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Loving What You Do

Every single one of us can do things that no one else can do – can love things that no one else can love. We are like violins. We can be used for doorstops, or we can make music. You know what to do.

~Barbara Sher


I came across this quote and an article titled “The Power of Passionate Work” by Gregg Levoy who wrote the book Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life. What an inspiration those few pages turned out to be!

He talked about how most people never follow their calling because of fear, something that I have been talking about here for the past ten months. He described life without following his calling as “psychological death” and a slow “overripening and rotting on the vine.” I think anyone who has felt the pull of a different life or the nudge of or their creative muse and NOT heeded the call can see themselves in these words.

He noted that so many folks are unhappy in their day jobs – the ones that pay the bills, the ones they thought they wanted when they graduated from college, the ones they come home from too exhausted to even reach for the remote. This work, he stated, is literally breaking our hearts. “…the American Medical Association discovered some years back that the majority of heart attacks occur around nine o’clock on Monday mornings.” YIKES!

Our souls are a part of us. They cannot be separated from our persons and left at home when we have to trudge off to the office. They get dragged along, like it or not, and they get squeezed into a shape that is not natural to them. Your inner artist is forced to sit in board rooms; your inner musician must listen to the clattering of computer keys and ringing phones for eight to ten hours at a stretch. Is it any wonder your soul is feeling neglected?

To follow our true calling may be in direct opposition to the life we are living. It is a big scary thing that will not go ignored. There will come a time in our lives where we must make a decision to say yes to it, or to continue the slow psychological death. This decision can be a frightening time in you life. “One part of you wants to awaken, one part of you wants to sleep. One part wants to follow the call, the other wants to run like hell. Courage is joined at the hip with anxiety.”

Without passing through this inner turmoil though, there is no growth. Baby steps are the answer. One small stretch on the confines of that comfort zone that you have wrapped around yourself like a protective cocoon, and it expands. Stick out one foot and your comfort zone expands to enclose it. With each step, you grow and become more comfortable with the movement. Before you know it, you will be able to see your goal, and you will know it is within reach.

Have you ever noticed how things appear in your path just when you need them? A writers conference? A class? An article? 🙂

What gifts has the universe been sprinkling in your path lately?


  1. Oh my goodness. Today i got some horrible news at the day job and have sat and cried pretty much all day because i’m worried about how to pay the bills, then i read this. I AM dying a psychological death. I’m NOT doing what I love (well I am, but only part time and whenever I can fit it in around kids and family and work). When i’m not juggling all of that, i’m a jewellery designer (and not a terrible one, either) which IS my calling, my love and my passion, and i don’t want to die that slow agonising death anymore.

    Thankyou for writing this and opening my eyes.

    • Jacqui –
      I am so glad that you found this at a time when it would touch you. It is so true that the universe sends us messages! I know how hard it is to do what you do until you can afford to make a living doing what you love. Sometimes it is important to look at the day job as a means to an end. I may never be able to write full time and make a sustainable income, but I know that if I carve out time to do what I love, the passion I feel for that will overflow into my other work. I will get better all around! Hang in there! 🙂

      • Ohh i’m hanging in as best as I can! Thankyou again! 🙂 x

  2. In our entire life, the universe sends us what we ask for (so be careful) and we find ourselves turning the right corner at the right time and BAM … the moment arrives. The real trick is knowing when you see it 🙂

    • I am learning that this is true the more I look for it! 🙂


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