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Boosting Confidence – One Move at a Time

Yesterday I posted about faking it til you make it.

I came across this TedTalk about body language shaping who you are and was intrigued. Amy Cuddy’s talk takes the fake it til you make it adage one step further. And it is an important step.

What good is making it if you still don’t feel as though you belong there? What good is reaching the goal if you don’t think you deserve it?

I don’t have video privileges here, but please click on over and give this 20 minutes of you time. It will make you think.

It made me realize that I don’t want to just fake it til I make it – I want to fake it til I become it!

And now, my parting gift to you…

John Cage, aka The Biscuit, and other members of the Ally McBeal cast demonstrating the ultimate Barry White power moves in the executive washroom. Guaranteed to boost your confidence! Feel free to try this at home. 🙂 Click here for link!

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