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Forced into Silence

Some of you may have noticed that I kind of dropped off the blogging world for a week without a single post. I had been going along, minding my own business, writing a steady stream of posts, when BAM! For no apparent reason, I woke up last Saturday with excruciating back pain.

Now, I am not an athlete by nature. I am not even an exerciser unless my body guilts me into it. I really wish I could blame the muscular hell on some awesome activity I participated in like sky diving, rock climbing, bungee jumping… but no, it appears that sleeping was my downfall.

Friday night I was absolutely fine, and seven hours later, I was hobbled. The worst days were Saturday and Sunday (of course, my two days off from the day job!) and I spent the majority of that time walking gingerly, moving carefully, groaning, and trying to get comfortable. I iced it, used a heating pad, rubbed icy hot on my sore muscles, and popped Advil like candy.

By Monday, it was showing signs of some improvement. So off to work I went. By lunch time I thought I should maybe seek some medical advice so I went to a walk in and was told to do exactly what I had been doing with the understanding that if I saw no improvement in a week we would be looking at an MRI.

As a non-athletic person, I have never had a broken bone, or severe injury. (Knock on wood!) I work for a group of anesthesiologists and we used to do some chronic pain management at the hospital. I would talk to patients all day that were in terrible pain and had been for months or years with no end in sight. I can truly say that I have seen a small glimpse at that life and cannot imagine having that pain for an extended period of time. I am a week out now, and still taking Advil, and still using icy hot and still moving carefully. The pain, however, has improved a lot. Thank goodness.

So here I am, upright and sans heating pad, writing again. Phew! I was starting to feel pretty squirrelly being away from words and blank pages for so long. I wallowed in books while I nursed my back, but reading and writing are two different things. Not being able to sit up and type for extended periods of time really made me itchy. I hope to never go through a week of forced non-writing again!

Have you ever stopped writing for a period of time, not because you chose to but because you physically couldn’t do it? How did you survive?


  1. Oh, no! I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you get better soon. I’ve been worried about my back this week, too. I started home health care and lifting dead weight is so hard on the back! My step-dad was a CRNA all his life until retiring a few years ago.

    • Thanks Cindy! It’s always nice to run into people that know whata CRNA is! 🙂

  2. Oh honey, how awful 😦 Glad to hear youre on the mend!


  3. I have a herniated disc, and over the holidays it flared up, which meant lots of bed rest and no writing for me! So instead I read, which is a great substitute 🙂 At any rate, yes! I’ve been there. Hope you feel better 🙂

    • Hope you feel better soon, too! I love reading but lately have felt that itch to write even while in the middle of a great book. 🙂

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