Catching Fireflies

finding magic along the way

Spring has Sprung!

Yesterday, I was at Agway buying some birdseed and Lowes buying a new desk lamp. I found myself meandering through the garden areas, looking at the new baby trees that are nothing more than a bundle of roots and a few sticks above the soil line. Though the tables were mostly empty still at this point, I smiled as the small bursts of color in tiny pots made my heart feel hopeful. I hovered in the seed packets, gently picking up a pouch here, a packet there, reading the instructions and thinking about my very brown and dead-looking yard. I walked through the aisles of garden gnomes and resin animals, the bird baths and sun catchers. I ran my fingers through the wind chimes listening to each song. In other words, I spent a lot of time dreaming about spring and warm weather and sunshine, and now I feel itchy.

Not itchy, as in I caught a rash or skin condition. But itchy as in restless.

My mind is plotting a million projects around the house from planting a veggie garden to cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and re-lining the shelves. My closet needs a backhoe and my bookshelves need a good sorting out. My sewing room needs some organization and my writing projects need a lot of attention.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and the second the sun begins to warm the air you can see it. Neighbors you haven’t seen all winter are all out with rakes and shovels, planting, cleaning up from winter’s storms, setting up porch furniture and cleaning up their yards.

Everywhere you go, people are friendlier. They smile more, and there is a spring in their step. I think they feel lighter as they shed the bulky coats and scarves from winter. As I write this, the little girl across the street is riding her bike and singing at the top of her lungs. 🙂

I find myself slowing down more, breathing deeper. I want to linger in the sunshine and let it warm my bones. I find myself singing louder to the songs on the car radio, windows down despite the slight chill that still lingers in the air, wind ruffling my hair.

I think I will make a list of things that I want to accomplish this spring. The cleaning and the planting – both in my physical world and the one that fills my heart, my writing. Cleaning and planting can be a truly spiritual experience, one where we make room by tossing out the old and bringing forth something new. I am thinking that I am needing to do this in my life.

Despite taking classes the last six weeks or so that will help me in moving forward on my book project, I still am feeling a lack of forward momentum in this area of my life. I think subconsciously, I may need to clean out some clutter (both literal and figurative) to make more room in my mind and life for this. I know it will take a ton of work, and I am not afraid of hard work. Yet, I have been pulling back from actually taking the first steps. I think I need to clean out some mental junk so I can take the next step.

Over the next month, I plan on cleaning out my physical spaces to make mental room in my life for my book and my writing. I will let you know how this goes. 🙂 If nothing else, I will have more closet space!

What new beginnings are you implementing this spring? What do you need to do to make more room in your life for what you really want?


  1. It’s true – the seasons affect us and our moods. Have you heard of SAD? It stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder – it’s when people get depressed in the winter because it’s dark, cold, not as much sunshine, etc. I love the spring. It always reminds me of the re-birth of things that are dead and that gives me an extra measure of excitement in life. I don’t know if I get any more done, but I sure do spend more time outside and more time smiling. :0)

    • Hi Cindy! I like the winter but by March, I definitely start to grow tired of the gray world and look forward to some sunshine and green! Rebirth is exactly how it feels!

  2. charliebritten

    Good luck with your spring cleaning of your mind! Garden centres have that effect on me too. I end up buying all sorts of seeds I forget to plant and gardening equipment that gets left in the garage.

    • Hi Charlie! It’s funny about garden centers making me feel like this. I am not a gardener and hate the dirt and bugs that go along with gardening. But every spring I dream of growing veggies and flowers and linger in the garden center as though it will rejuvenate my senses. 🙂

  3. Self nurturing and compassion are the things I need to make space for. Oddly, this is something I am able to give away without seeming to possess it in a way that’s visible to me. And, yes, there’s nothing like gardening, getting the hands in dirt, to feed the spirit … and, yes, the departure of gray skies and early darkness are a welcome lift, too.

    • Self-compassion is such a difficult thing to learn! Self-forgiveness for not being as perfect as we think we should be; self-love to realize what we need when we need it. I am right there with you in trying to make space for this in my life!

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