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Monthly Archives: April, 2013

The Luxury of Down Time

Well, my four-day weekend is over, and my first day back at my day job is behind me. Whew! Why is it that it took a massage, a ninety minute nap, and a bottle of wine to get me relaxed last Friday? I blame all the busyness in our lives. Our spare time is so …

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Four Days – Unsupervised and Untethered

Ahhh, the time has come to take a few days off from my day job… And now with my forced relaxation (? Is that an oxymoron?) with my writing, what am I to do? Usually, when I have a few days of down-time, I end up running a cat or two to the vet (fingers …

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Information Overload!

I think I may have overdone it the last few months. In January, I took an all day workshop on publishing and speaking with the lovely Yvonne Conte. I learned about self publishing and becoming a keynote speaker. In February, I did the first ever online WANACon for three glorious days! I learned about book formatting, …

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Muscle Memory – Kaput!

This past weekend I was feeling out of sorts. On Sunday morning, I told my husband that I felt like taking a swing at something. This is definitely not a normal state for me, and the fact that it was so unusual for me to feel mad at everything made me feel even more uneasy. …

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When There Are No Words

I had all sorts of plans for posting last night and then I saw the news. All of the channels showed a continuous loop of footage – first the bombs at the finish line and then the blood, the pain and confusion, the chaos. Everyone I have talked to in the last 24 hours or …

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The Gift of a Musical Upbringing

When I was growing up, I was surrounded by music. Both my mom and dad sing. Back then, they were in church choir, a local Pops chorus, and my dad also sang barbershop – both in a chorus and a quartet. My sister and I both took piano lessons when we were little. We also …

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How to Write Like a Ukulele

I was probably first introduced to the ‘ukulele sound while watching the Brady Bunch special where they went to Hawaii. (Come on, admit it! You saw it too!) If you missed it, you can view it here. That was the only ukulele sound I knew. For those of you who are used to pronouncing it you-ka-LAY-lee, …

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Look Who’s One Year Old Today!

Yep, one year ago I decided to climb out of the writer closet and start a blog. I can hardly believe it has been a whole year! Last April, I was so nervous when I hit the first publish button and went live. That part has gotten a bit easier with practice. 🙂 This is …

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