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Monthly Archives: May, 2013

I Lost 60 Lbs Last Weekend!

No, I didn’t have surgery… 🙂 I FINALLY hoed out my closet. This is a task that has needed attention for the past few years (obviously!) but I have dreaded it. Finally it came down to a safety issue. I had to clean it out before the weight of hanging clothes snapped the bar and …

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Welcome to the Pit!

I have been away from my blog now for a few weeks, something that I swore to myself would not happen during my self-imposed break from all things writing. But in the midst of the forced relaxation, I fell. I have been here before, this mental state. In past posts, I have mentioned my bouts …

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Muse Loyalty

A funny thing happened on my self-imposed writing vacation. As most of you know I decided about a week or so ago to step away completely from my work-in-progress and my do-it-myself crash course in self-publishing and take a much needed mental break. I had been feeling overwhelmed with information and my to-do list was …

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