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I Lost 60 Lbs Last Weekend!

No, I didn’t have surgery… 🙂

I FINALLY hoed out my closet. This is a task that has needed attention for the past few years (obviously!) but I have dreaded it. Finally it came down to a safety issue. I had to clean it out before the weight of hanging clothes snapped the bar and buried our cats beneath years of accumulated clothing.

Once started, the entire process didn’t take very long. You get into a rhythm and before you know it, all the clothes that have been crammed into the closet for years are piled on the bed and tossed into piles on the floor. At this point, I realized that I really didn’t want to be doing this task, but it was too late to turn back.

I actually sorted everything by type and season! I give it a week before things start to get mixed again. I just don’t have the energy to be that organized. 🙂 Of course, the next day was chilly since all my fall/winter/long-sleeved tops had been relegated to the back of the closet til autumn returns!

The problem with finally accomplishing this task is that I

  • felt like a complete pack rat and started to fret about being chosen for a hoarders show
  • realized exactly how many items in my closet I bought even though I really didn’t like them
  • realized I was still holding onto many items that I haven’t fit into in a number of years
  • realized how many other closets/drawers/cupboards in the house need my attention

I was not nearly as ruthless as organizational experts say I should have been. I didn’t go through and toss any item I haven’t seen or worn in over a year. See, I have been in a bit of rut with my wardrobe and had I done that, I would be down to a handful of shirts! I was a victim of the oh-I-forgot-about-that-top! syndrome. Maybe if I haven’t worn them by next year they will finally find their way to the donation pile.

I also was not able to part with EVERY item that doesn’t fit. I have weeded it down to about five or six “wishful-thinking” shirts though and that is a major improvement. If I ever do fit into them again, I can only hope they will have come back in style. Maybe I will just consider them a measurement tool – I won’t actually wear them in public, but I will congratulate myself when they are the right size again.

The biggest problem with finally cleaning out my closet is realizing that I really should do this to all the other closets, drawers, armoires, kitchen cabinets and so on in the house. I was so whipped from the one closet that I couldn’t even bring myself to attack the dresser that holds tees and shorts and socks. Maybe next time…

I will say that I did feel a huge sense of accomplishment. My closet is now manageable and kitten-safe. No avalanche of clothes threatens to bury them alive as they snuggle into the bottom shelf of sweaters in the back. (Actually, I removed all the sweaters from the bottom shelf in the back of the closet and put down pillows and old quilts, creating a little kitten getaway in an effort to save my remaining sweaters from further cat hair accumulation!)

I am thinking that removing clutter from my life may be a very freeing experience and am now looking forward to taking one or two areas every week or two and clearing them of the detritus. Making more room in our home and lives for new things, for open space is a challenge, but one that I think will go a long way toward healing my spirit.


  1. De-cluttering is great. Good for mind as well as soul and space. We moved from a three to a one bed place and man did we get rid of a lot! But it felt great and obviously made it easier to move in!

    • This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to decluttering! I could have probably gotten rid of a lot more stuff in that one closet but I guess I will just take baby steps! 🙂

  2. Love this! I did something similar this past January. It’s Feng Shui at it’s best 🙂 It’s amazing how when we hold onto physical objects, we simultaneously hold onto emotional baggage. You may have been wearing some of those clothes you tossed during a difficult time in your life, etc., and thus, you weren’t just keeping a sweater or a pair of pants, you were also keeping unresolved issues.

    (I’m not speaking for “you,” you, I just meant in general. I know I was keeping stuff that no longer served me any purpose physically, mentally, and spiritually). Now, have a glass of wine and look around at all the great work you did! 🙂

    • What a great way of looking at it! I had not considered the time when I bought or wore clothes, only that they didn’t fit, or I never truly liked them. 🙂 No wonder I still get a lift every time I open the closet and see space. I think I need some new clothes now, but will wait til I lose a few pounds and shopping becomes fun again.

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