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Just sit down and shut up

I started to write a new post on 10/15… Really, I did. But then life kind of got away from me.

My best friend’s brother passed away, and then my brother-in-law had a medical emergency, and then I learned about the death of a fellow classmate, and then there was homework and housework and work work…

You understand.

Have you ever noticed how that happens? Your life is going along, busy and maybe slightly stressful but not super stressful – not funeral and ICU stressful. And WHAM!

It’s like the universe wants to remind us every now and again to really count our blessings. To sit down and shut up about all the little niggly things that drive us crazy and make us complain about why our life is so stressful and hard. To just sit down and realize how very quickly it can all disappear.

Tell the people who matter to you that you love them. Don’t put it off because you are too busy or because you are scared. Make amends, reach out to others, apologize if you need to, and if someone else needs to apologize to you, let it go. It is not that important in the grand scheme of things. Learn to accept the apology that may never come and move on.

Because life is short, people. And it should not be wasted on ill feelings and bad blood and grudges. It should not be wasted complaining about long lines, traffic, being busy or anything anyone else does or does not do.

Let it go.

And realize that life is full of magic and wonder and love.



  1. Jocelyn Thornton

    So true and so well said. When your eyes are wide open from shocking life events, every little thing that people do for you are incredibly meaningful and the things people have done against you become so incredibly meaningless. At least this has been my recent enlightenment:) Thank you for posting this entry to your blog, it rocks.

    • Hi Jocie!! So glad you liked this. And so sorry it was such a great personal loss to you that made me sit down and shut up. 😦 Love you!!

  2. The past eleven months of my life have added up to chronic stress and a large chiropractic bill. I gotcha. Memo to Life: I GET IT! Life sucks. Can we move onto the next lesson now please?

    But yes, ;D life is totally worth it.

    • Daphne, I am so sorry to hear that your life has been kicking you around this past year! 😦 Happy to hear you are learning that life is totally worth it despite all that.

  3. Just want to tell you how much you mean to me and how truly talented I think you are. You are an inspiration and I love ya! Great post.

    • Love you too, Miss Chrissy! You are an inspiration!

  4. Charlie Britten

    A few weeks ago, my life was so hectic I couldn’t find time to write at all, then it calmed down a little bit and now it’s full on again. I now have a teaching observation in two days’ time. Never mind those writers who say you should keep on writing whatever happens. Presumably they don’t have families, jobs or real lives!

    • Charlie – Sorry for tha massive delay in responding to your comment. I literally haven’t even peaked in the last few months to see who had stopped by. I have been a terrible host! Thanks for the kind words and commiseration. 🙂

  5. You have a great attitude. . .blessings. .. . . .

    • Thanks Anne! I have been working on cultivating a more optimistic attitude about life. Sometimes I get lucky and it works. 🙂

      • Isn’t it great when that happens ?


      • 8-). Great when that happens!


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