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Fuel for the Journey

Last February, I was a happy participant in the first ever all online, completely interactive writers’ conference – WANACON, an event sponsored by WANA International. It was the brainchild of Kristen Lamb, author of the Warrior Writers blog and an inspiration if ever I have “met” one.

I will admit to a certain level of uncertainty when I registered for this. Writing is a solitary venture and I had only recently begun to come out of the writerly closet so to speak. Could I possibly be so bold as to call myself a “writer” and attend a conference?! I think the potential anonymity of and online conference is what finally pushed me to register. It would be fairly easy to hang out in the back of the virtual chat room and just observe.

What I hadn’t planned on was how empowering the entire experience would turn out to be! Here I was, surrounded in a virtual setting with real published authors, publishers, attorneys and other industry professionals. I could chat with them, or just soak up all the knowledge they were sharing in the presentations. I could even sign up to pitch my book to an honest-to-God agent!

I fired up my laptop, a nervous writer who didn’t have the first idea about how to land an agent let alone a publisher. Three days later, I turned off my laptop, knowing that not only did I have the ability and knowledge to self-publish but I could reach out to any number of professionals in the business and get advice. I was truly not alone out there in the big wide world of writing. (You can click here to read my post about it.)

WANACON happened again in the fall, but I was immersed in a certification class for my day job and knew I wouldn’t have the time and energy to attend. I thought I would have to wait until fall 2014 to experience the motivational rush again.

Then last week, one of my Facebook friends, another writer, was lamenting about how difficult it is to research publishing options. I wanted to share the WANACON link with her so she, too, could experience the conference. I clicked on over to WANA International and nearly fell out of my chair.

WANACON 2014 is February 20-22!

Woohoo!! I shared the link, registered immediately and did a happy dance.

Time away from my blog, and the publishing research, and NaNoWriMo, and the book… It was necessary for completion of my certification at work, but it left me feeling… I don’t know. Lost? Unfulfilled creatively? Like I just took a million steps backwards on my writing journey? Yes, yes, and yes.

I have been fondling my writing books, but not feeling motivated enough to dive in.

I have started reading about ten books since the end of my class, and set them aside soon after.

I have felt like my love affair with words had become something I longed for from afar. A broken romance, at best.

Time away from our creative work is sometimes necessary. It may even be a good thing in small doses. But for me the longer that time stretches, the harder it is to find that sweet spot again. My writing mojo shorts out and needs recharging.

What better way to recharge and fire it up than a conference in my pajamas!?

Who else is in? Will I see you there??

To register, go here. Go on… it’s Valentine’s Day! And what better way to show a little self-love than to treat yourself to inspiration!?

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