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Monthly Archives: March, 2014

The Seduction of Inadequacy

I am not one to follow Hollywood gossip. I am terrible at keeping all the names of the latest who’s who straight. I don’t go to the movies much and I skip every award show. That being said I was recently blown away by Lupita Nyong’o. I admit it. I had no idea who she is, …

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Busy-ness and the Death of Dreams

The last couple posts have been focusing on the lost art of Big Dreams and all the excuses we put between ourselves and our goals. Busy-ness is the big lie that kills Big Dreams. I posted a year and a half ago about this very phenomenon. In that post, titled “The Oldest Excuse in the Book”, …

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Time, Space and Distractions – AKA Easy Excuses

One of the main things that gets in the way of us pursuing the Big Dream are excuses. We all make them, and after a while we actually start to believe them. We convince ourselves that it couldn’t possibly be the right time in our lives to pursue something new and exciting because we simply …

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O Me! O Life! The Lost Art of Dreaming Big

Have you noticed the Apple iPad commercials that quote Walt Whitman’s wonderful poem “O Me! O Life!” while showing a montage of active creativity?  I was able to immediately recognize Robin Williams in his role from Dead Poet’s Society telling his students to live fully and not waste a moment. For those of you who …

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Don’t be a poop, or how to stop being miserable

You know who they are. They are everywhere. They are the people who you live with or work with or come into contact with who are miserable. You didn’t do a thing except say hello or answer the phone and there they are spewing all their miserableness onto you and ruining your day. Let’s face …

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