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The Growing Seasons to a Non-Gardener

There are a few seasons during the year that feel like growing times to me. There is, of course, September and the start of a new school year, a time that makes me itch for school supplies and new classes to attend. There is also the dead of winter, when I grow tired of the bleak gray world and long to do something new and colorful. And then there is spring…

Spring is a time for planting, for sowing seeds, for digging in the dirt. And truly, I have no problem with that. I love the idea of growing my own veggies and herbs and filling my yard with vibrantly colored flowers.

Usually round about February I order a Burpee seed catalog just so I can dream of the thriving garden that I will create as soon as the sun graces our presence and the world starts to thaw. I longing purchase gardening magazines “to get some ideas” and to ogle the well-tended, well-established gardens strewn amongst the pages.

I do this every year.

I have good intentions.

My heart is in the right place.

And we usually do something garden-related in May or June to spruce up our yard and flower beds that have suffered through a long winter. But my interest usually wanes with the first sunburn across the back of my neck, the worms I uncover in my digging, and the incessant creep of all those weeds that need no assistance whatsoever from me.

I am finally at an age when I am not ashamed to admit that I really do not like gardening. I LOVE the idea of gardening, but the actual process, not so much. I love the results of gardening, but not the bugs, and sweat, and back pain from all the weeding. I love wandering through the greenhouses at Agway, smelling the damp green smells of fresh soil and trying to imagine what I would do with the various plants, if only I liked to garden.

Still, I find spring is a growing season even for those of us who repeatedly fail to grow gardens. I find a sense of renewed energy that seems to have lay dormant for most of the cold winter. (And this winter seemed particularly long and cold.) I feel the dust being shaken out of the corners of my mind, and the window to my soul opening itself to receive those first blessed warm breezes of spring. I feel rejuvenated, and full of excitement over new projects.

I cannot help that these projects do not involve yard work. They involve long hours with notebook and pen in hand, words tumbling from my heart and my head, fingers flying across keyboards. They involve lazy summer days lounging with a fat book that has caught me in its web, hours of watching another writer’s work unfold and marveling at their technique.

Spring is a time of growing. And I will grow things in the yard despite my complaints… and there will be complaints. There always are. 🙂 But more importantly there will be growing in my words, my writer’s mind, my dreams. And the upcoming sunny days will be filled with high hopes and hard work and new expectations.

What do you have planned for this growing season?

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