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Finding Your Path

I came across an article the other day that talked about following your passion. That seems to be the standard bit of advice when you are not sure what direction you want to take, or what you want to be when you grow up. It is touted by the wise when you ask them what the meaning of life is, or how to find true happiness. They nod (wisely) and say “follow your passion.”


But what if you aren’t sure what that is?

What if you have so many interests and none of them are things that will pay the bills?

What then?

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, spoke at Oprah’s “The Life You Want Weekend,” in September. For those of you who have not read the book, she wrote about reaching a point in her life where her marriage had ended and she was searching for fulfillment. In doing so, she traveled to Italy, India and Indonesia and found food, prayer and love.

Yet, her response to the follow your passion advice was interesting and unexpected.

She said that if you aren’t sure what it is “forget about passion. Passion is rare; passion is a one-night- stand. Passion is hot, it burns. Every day, you can’t access that.”

She points out that even writers and creatives can’t possibly feel passion every day. But what they can feel is curious.

Curiosity may help you find your passion. Or “you might get nothing out of it at all except a beautiful, long life where all you did was follow your gorgeous curiosity. And that should be enough too.”


You can watch the video here on Huffington Post.

Excellent advice. 🙂


  1. That is indeed excellent advice – she’s a wise woman that Elisabeth Gilman. Have you seen her TED talk? And I love her definition of passion – ‘a one night stand, it burns’. Curiosity, now that feels more sustainable, less demanding and something I can find in myself on demand more easily/often/readily than passion. Thanks for sharing this wisdom! Hugs, Harula xxx

    • I have her TedTalk saved in my favorites so I can watch it whenever I feel lost. 😊 yes, curiosity seems much more sustainable!

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