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In It to Win It

Last month, I posted about the lottery. I had noticed how high the prizes were and like always, when they reach that level, I started to think about winning.


I drove by the same convenience store on the way to work this week and the numbers are down again, back to a mere $3 million and $15 million. Phhhht! Hardly worth buying a ticket, right?

I actually felt my heart drop a little. Oh, I thought. I didn’t win.

Well, of course, I didn’t win! I didn’t even buy a ticket! What do I expect.

That is the funny thing about the lottery – you have to play it to win it. No one will walk up to you and hand you $15 million dollars if you never buy a ticket.

The same is true of life and following your dreams. You have to be in it to win it. You have to dip a toe in the water, take a tiny step, jump right out of your comfort zone where nothing new ever happens.


You will never reach your big dream unless you tak a chance. You just won’t. That’s the way it works. Sitting on the couch saying someday I would love to write a book, wasn’t getting my book written. Telling yourself one more time that some day you will go back to school, run that marathon, take that trip is not going to get you even an inch closer to those dream. You have to actually enroll in school, commit to a training program, see that travel agent.


Dream Big! And don’t ever be afraid of failing.



  1. Great analogy. Yeah, I think if you really want to reach those big dreams, you do have to leave the comfort zone.

    • Getting outside the comfort zone is never easy. The first step is the worst!

  2. So true, so true…H xxx

    • A simple truth, but one we often forget. 🙂

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