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In Honor of Poetry Month – Bee Halton


April is Poetry Month. In my blogging journey, I have come to know some poets, and I am always in awe of their talent. Poetry has its own challenges and is very different from prose. It takes a certain mind-set and a special heart to be able to write a poem that resounds with others. In honor of Poetry Month, I would like to share them with you.

First up is Bee Halton, my writing buddy from Norfolk, England. She is a sweet soul who has a passion for poetry. She juggles several blogs, something that I am always amazed by! She writes poetry among other things on This past year, she challenged herself to write a poem a day and asked people for prompts. This is one of my favorites:

#234 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Lisa

Looks like I stay with the topic cat.

The only cat, I ever owned, was called Lisa. A little black girl-cat with a white paw and white collar. Unfortunately, Lisa loved to run on the street, and that was her demise. I never got one after that.

She was called after a song I really love: “Sad Lisa” from the artist formerly known as (you guessed it…) Cat Stevens. The song still makes me cry even though I hardly ever listen to it.

And there is of course “The Cat in the Hat” which I did not know as a child. Such a waste. But Germany was not partial to Dr. Seuss in the 70’s or maybe it was my parents. They preferred “Pippi Longstocking” who, of course, was closer to my heart because of the colour of her hair.

She owned a monkey and a horse. No cat though. Where does all this lead? To another cat poem of course!

sad with cats

if Sad Lisa
had a cat
or long stockings
and a monkey
no matter
which cat
sang about

And here is one more that I can completely relate to!

#232 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Coffee
I admit it:

I am a writer but not a coffee drinker. Well, at least not bucket fulls of coffee. I drink the odd cup with cinnamon, cardamom, clove and milk, and that’s a treat I can tell you.

But I was looking for a prompt for today and creative-writing-now didn’t really give me a proper idea. A little earlier I had one of my treat-coffee’s and a home-made flapjack therefore life had to give me a prompt today 🙂


I loved you

my grandfather’s
of spoonfulls



my senses

Check out Bee’s blog! There is always something happening over there. 🙂



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  1. morgaine620

    I missed that one entirely. Thanks for featuring me 🙂

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