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In Honor of Poetry Month – Tokoni Uti


Another poet that I have had the good fortune to “meet” through blogging is Tokoni Uti from Lagos, Nigeria. She was kind enough to inquire about guest posting on my blog. Her writing can be found at Beautiful Insanity. In an email to me, she wrote:

“‎About myself, I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and developed an interest in literature from an early age. I began writing when i was 10. I attended the International School of the University of Lagos and I’m  currently at Bowen University, Nigeria. I am a Novelist and poet and have  previously written poetry for the Huffington Post, Portsmouth Daily Times, Space Bar magazine, S magazine,, San Diego Free Press, Collective Lifestyle Media, Op-ed News, The Brooklyn Reader and Los Angeles Free Press.”

Here is a poem that appeared on Huffington Post that I really liked.


I am a breath in the wind.
I am the color of within.
I am a foil of the pretender.
I am an echo of the bell in the center.
I am the incarnate of camouflaged ways.
I am an instrument of relentless days.
I am the remembrance of mismatched tones.
I am a free runner but not alone.
I am a collision of what cannot be seen.
I am the beauty of what will begin.
I am an insider, I do not gaze from afar.
And I am because we are.

She continued in her email to me: “This piece was written a few years ago and for me is about refusing to be held back by fear. It was actually written when I decided to pursue a career as a writer – I was quite afraid as writing isn’t always the most lucrative profession but I decided that my obsession with words was greater than my fear of failure.”

The Fear

Take me away or let me wallow.
Work on me or let me lie fallow.
Let me live or pierce my soul.
Let me fly or let me grow old.
Let me leap or gaze from afar.
Let me ride or perish beneath the stars.
Let me run or let me waste.
Let me live or let me be chaste.
Let me blossom or let me be coy.
Let me flow or deprive me of joy.
Let me go before the end is near.
Or let me live in the shadow of the fear.

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