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The Gift of Inspiration

I had a great birthday this year. I took and passed my certification exam that weekend. Though I wouldn’t know I actually passed until later that week, I found myself with a shocking amount of downtime when my birthday rolled around because I didn’t have to study. We had a lounge-y, quiet few days. I watched movies and read books for fun and napped.

My husband found some wonderful writerly gifts for the big day – a mug covered in famous first lines from classic fiction, a wooden engraved pen, a beautiful handmade leather journal.

The following weekend we celebrated Father’s Day and June birthdays with our families with a cookout and cake and gifts.

It was a great birthday.

Then last week, another gift arrived.

My husband commissioned a painting from the very talented graffiti artist, Ladie One, and it arrived on Wednesday.


Now most people would wonder what the heck is the importance of Sun Rays and Moon Beams. But my husband knew the perfect inspiration for me.

It is the name of a funky little book shop in my novel. It is an out-of-the-way kind of shop, down an alley and without a sign. Rob said when he read that scene he could picture the gray cinder block walls of the buildings on either side of the alley. He thought they would be tagged with graffiti as it is a rundown area of town. Why not have the name of the shop painted on the wall as well?

For a writer who is struggling with the indie publishing process and trying not to let little set backs curtail the entire project, this is the perfect inspiration for me. When I look at it, I am transported to that little alley and the steps with the potted red geraniums. I am standing in the circle of light cast by the bulb above the door, and as I open that door, I can hear the jingle of the bell and smell the warm scents of tea and cookies that the owner always has at the ready. I am right there, back in my story. And I remember why I love this book so much.

My indie spirit is renewed with the hope that some day other people will see this and know what it means.

I want to share a few more close-ups of the lettering. I love it! So layered and colorful! If you haven’t really explored this form of art, check out Ladie One’s site.




Other street art sites to check out:
Justin Bua
Jenna Morello
Annie Preece
Cameron Moberg
Ivan Preciado

You can also check them all out on Instagram and Twitter, and search Twitter with #graffiti or #streetart to find more.

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