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Dark Nights of the Soul

Even the most prolific writers out there must encounter the lulls in productivity, right? Surely, it is not just a new writer phenomenon.

It seems that the warm, sunny days of summer are not the elixir I needed. Finishing my last certification for work would not clear my desk and allow my brain to focus on the good stuff. Turns out, I truly can waste many hours surfing the net and watching mindless television instead of writing.

The worst part about the slump is that I don’t even have the energy and urge to do anything else creative either. At least if I was knitting or quilting or even planning a quilt, I wouldn’t feel so slug-like. But instead this has been the summer of virtually no creative output from yours truly!

I do hear that these things happen. Some people refer to it as a block. I don’t want to call it that because it makes it seem like such a solid thing to overcome. More like I am wallowing in an uninspired pit. Yes, that describes it well.

So how do you crawl out of this pit when you find yourself mired down in the muck?

I have been asking myself this for weeks now.

I have heard many remedies that I need to work up some energy to try –

Take a walk.
Read a book.
Do something else.

All those ideas might work, but they all seem like they may take a bit of a kick in the butt.

I think the best advise I have heard was to just own it. Own your process. Understand that you are human and cannot possibly crank out creativity like a machine! Forgive yourself for this. And let yourself wallow a bit. Stretch out and let yourself sink right down into the mud and wallow. When you are good and sick of yourself, you will find your way out, one step at a time.

I think when we admit we are human and forgive ourselves for our little funk, we may actually come to enjoy the occasional wallow.




  1. Glad to see u tackle this problem, Cheryl!
    I usually have a few blogs/projects on th go, so if I get stuck on 1, then I can move on to another.
    In order to get back into th writing flow, a good idea – works for me – is to try working in a different part of th house. Or somewhere outside (then eventually move back to your desk).
    And if lack of energy is th prob: don’t forget th power of napping!
    Wld recommend yesterday’s Post, (but got fed up & worked on somthin else instead)
    so Sunday’s Post should suffice:

    • Sadly my naps don’t tend to energize me. Instead I wind up lounging the afternoon away and not getting any writing done. 😏

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