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Ah, September… Brings Out the Nerd in Me!

13fe461683f56d6823ee5f2787ff56f2What is it about the idea of September that turns me into a total nerd? More so than usual, that is? Is it the turning of the leaves, the crispness in the air, the new angle of the sun? Perhaps it is the sight of golden buses carrying youngsters to the hallowed halls to learn new things.

Whatever is to blame, I get an itch come September. It starts with the burning desire to buy school supplies though I have been out of academia for 24 years. I spoke of this affliction here. But the itch goes deeper than a Ticonderoga #2 could possible scratch! I love school – always have and always will.

I am a firm believer that anything can be learned either in a class, one-on-one, in a book, even on YouTube! Different methods for different students and I say go for whatever works.

My problem is focus. Here I am caught in the swirl of self-publishing angst, and all I want to do is learn to draw. Or make homemade pasta. Or use that beautiful Nikon camera we have sitting in a cupboard. Or play piano. Or _____________ (you name it and it has probably crossed my lips!). There is definitely not enough hours in my lifetime to learn everything that interests me.


A friend of mine has always urged me to do whatever blows my skirt up. What a great phrase! And it is perfectly apt. One person’s passion is the source of another’s boredom. If I were to discuss in detail all the things I want to quilt, I am sure your eyes would glaze over. Talk to me about sports, and you will have me for only as long as polite conversation deems necessary. (I do pay attention when my husband explains baseball and I actually ask questions, but honestly, the explanations go right out of my head within a few days.) Yet, I would never begrudge you your love of sports, or basket weaving, or fishing, or coin collecting. Those things have never called me with their siren songs, but if it kicks up your skirt, go for it!

Life is too full of must dos and have tos. We all need a little more passion and creativity in our lives. It is good for our mental and physical health! So as we start a new school year, give it some thought. What have you always wanted to learn? What did you love when you were young and had fewer responsibilities? What would you do with your free time (if you have any) that has nothing to do with your day job, chores, obligations? Find it. Go do that. Even if you can only manage an hour per week. Do it. It will make you feel alive.



  1. morgaine620

    Funny you write about that. I just bought myself two books about song making. Haven’t had the courage to look into them yet but my time will come. Just need to get the husband to buy me another guitar. Left my old one with my ex or my last employer :-). You go girl!!!!

    • Music is the perfect “something new”! I really need to find some teachers as my ukulele, violin, cello and piano are lonely. With piano I can noodle around and see improvement on my own, but with the stringed instruments I need some guidance!

  2. I love what your friend says! That’s great. 😉
    I’m not a big sports person either. At all.
    “Life is too full of must dos and have tos. We all need a little more passion and creativity in our lives.” That was AWESOME! I’m so using that in the future!!! 😀

    • Thanks Daphne! I think we all need to play more. When our passions start to feel like work we need to walk away and recharge.


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