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Imagination Can Take You Places

9781416947202_xlgImagination can take you places. That is the message author, Brandon Mull (1974 – present), tells kids all over the country when he meets them. His stories prove this to be true!

I first came across Mr. Mull’s books when I picked up Fablehaven ( 2006) in my local Barnes and Noble. I had been in a bit of a funk, and as many of my blog readers have come to know, I browse the kids’ section of the bookstore when I need an escape from reality. The title and cover grabbed my attention, both promising an adventure with a magical twist. My favorite combination! The two main characters, Kendra and Seth are unaware that their grandfather is the caretaker of the magical land of Fablehaven. Their grandfather leaves them a puzzle to solve in an effort to keep them from wandering out into Fablehaven. But upon solving the puzzle they drink magical milk and can see the magic all around them.


In Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star (2007), a new student has infiltrated the school but only Kendra can see this. The third book, Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague (2008), have Kendra and Seth visiting another magical preserve and finding that a plague is turning light creatures into dark ones. Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary (2009) has Kendra and Seth racing to find magical artifacts. Their quest leads them to a deadly dragon sanctuary. Finally, Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison (2010) has the duo traveling to different preserves and trying to secure magical artifacts.


This entire series was on the New York Times best seller list. And in 2012, rumors of a movie started to fly. The author and fans have a Facebook page trying to garner support.

There will also be a five book spin off series based on Fablehaven titled Dragonwatch. Book One is planned for 2016!

Now don’t for one moment think Mr. Mull is a one hit wonder! He has several other projects that are equally entertaining.

According to Wikipedia, Brandon Mull has worked as a comedian, filing clerk, patio installer, movie promoter, copywriter and a chicken stacker, whatever that is! Proving to me once again that writers do not often come directly to their art without passing through many other stops along the way! 🙂


The Candyshop War (2007) and Arcade Catastrophe (2012) have both been well-received by readers. Admittedly, I have not yet read them, but have the first in the series on my Kindle. The premise? Candy gives kids magical powers, and they are going to need them to fight evil! 🙂 Sounds like fun!

Two other series by Mr. Mull have caught my eye as well. The Beyonders is a 3 book series published between 2011 and 2013. It is described on Amazon as an epic fantasy series, and since it is full of magic, it will be right up my alley!

Also on my radar – Five Kingdoms (2014-2017) is a five book series in progress. Another epic series, the first three books can be had on Kindle for a fabulous price right now!

He is also working on a seven book series called Spirit Animals. He wrote the first two books and each of the others will be written by another author.

I see many  of his books in my future!

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