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Self-Promotion for Introverts

That is the name of the book or course I need to find and absorb.


My first novel will be out in the world this month (YEAH!) and I am clueless as to how to promote and market it. Even if I had gone the traditional route and found a “real” publisher to take it on, I know that being a new author would have most likely garnered me zero dollars for a marketing budget. The task would have landed squarely on my shoulders regardless of the publication route I took.

So here I am.

As with anything I want to learn, I went to Amazon and did a search. I was amused to find there is actually a book with this title, and some others that come up as well. These appear to focus more on how to climb the corporate ladder and succeed in your career than to speak directly to book promotion, but still, they may prove useful…

There were several books on network marketing for shy individuals. Still not quite exactly what I am looking for…

Over the years, I have bought many books on self-publishing, book promotion, and the like. Most say the same thing – Start marketing and promoting your book before you even start writing it. Oops. I am about five years too late for that.

So, again. Here I am.


Most of the folks that I went to high school and college will be surprised to learn that I have turned into a person who prefers quiet and smaller groups. I used to be very outgoing, or so I thought. I would throw myself into the middle of the action, but never truly felt comfortable there. I would much rather you shine your light on someone else. So my stomach gets a little twisted when friends joke about book signings and author talks. I get tongue-tied when people I know ask what my book is about. I mean, come on – that’s why I write, isn’t it? So I can hide from the world? 🙂

I know this is something I have to work on- and fast! Needless to say, my book release will be a soft one. It will most likely go completely unnoticed by the majority of readers in the world.

The entire publishing process from revisions to working with an editor to working with a cover design artist to formatting has been a long learning process. Each new step brings new and different questions and anxieties, but I have managed to take one step at a time

This has been my mantra at each step.

This has been my mantra at each step.

I am starting from behind according to the experts, but that is okay. I won’t do blanket Twitter and Facebook posts bombarding friends and complete strangers with an ad every other minute. I am annoyed by other writers who use that tactic and refuse to do it. I have not accumulated an email list with my blog, so I won’t send out 18 sales pitches a day via email to my followers. Again, I won’t do something that annoys me when the roles are reversed.

Thankfully, I have a day job I love and enjoy and don’t need to live off the sale of my book. Yes, I want it to reach as many readers as it can find. But, it will have to make a quiet journey to their hands. 🙂

I will start chipping away at the various ideas that I have found in books and other blogs and websites knowing that some will help and some won’t make much of a difference. And I will forgive myself for being more concerned with the story than the sales numbers from the start. That is who I am. And even if that day arrives when I can make a living from my writing, I hope that doesn’t change. To fret about sales over the magic of the story would suck the joy right out of writing for me. This book and those that follow are labors of love.


Who else is promoting their books? What methods have you discovered? What works? What doesn’t?



  1. morgaine620

    Hi Hon I’m sure you’ll be doing fine once you get going. And remember: there is an interview still waiting for you on my blog with blurb ect of your book and I highly suggest to reach out to Kate O’Connel from BookTourTips ( She might give you a lot of exposure. I can’t review your book because I am so terribly biased LOL so far I love your story but I have only just discovered that Blue can speak…. 🙂 take care

    • I love Blue! Wait til you meet Brynn – he was one of my favorites. 🙂 So much fun to write!
      Could you send me those interview questions again? I know you sent them a long long time ago but I have no idea where they went.

      • morgaine620

        Don’t worry I do that a little later on. Oh I met Brynn last night I bet he was fun to write. 🙂

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