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Blogging with Intention

Recently, I signed up for a free webinar with Jeff Goins about how to increase your reach and what really builds a platform. These are buzzwords that many of us new writers and bloggers hear and think we understand, but often, (at least with me), don’t really have a clue how to accomplish. The webinar had a lot of great information and gave me some new ideas about how to look at my blog and my audience and how to really determine what my message needs to be. But it made me want more. I need more information and guidance!

You know me by now… I am a total nerd who loves to learn. I take classes and webinars and read books just so I can learn more about whatever topic is kicking my skirt up this week. And today, after focusing on my day job certification for the last few months, I really want to come here to my little corner of the web and dust off the shelves, plop down in a comfortable chair and assess what I have been doing. Is it what I had planned? Does my writing here resonate with me and with others? Most importantly, what can I do differently to engage more people or to reach others?

Let’s face it, sometimes blogs get stale! Sometimes we get so involved in other areas of our lives that we have to recycle old posts that we enjoyed because we don’t have the time or energy we need to devote to these labors of love. (ie. February Flashbacks!) :0 Sometimes it is terrifying to face the blank screen because we are just fresh out of ideas. I am hoping I am not alone in this!


So I have signed up for Jeff’s course called, “Intentional Blog.” (For those of you looking for the course, I believe it is a revamped version of “The Writing Tribe” course listed on his site. The new class was only currently available to webinar attendees. He has an email series that is similar but only scratches the surface.)

I am really excited for this opportunity to learn from a blogger that has figured it out. 🙂 Jeff is a bestselling author and speaker and has grown his platform in leaps and bounds after struggling for years to figure it all out. It will be refreshing to have someone point to areas that I need to do some polishing and also give me ideas I never even considered.

I am also thrilled that he has included a WordPress 101 course alongside it. As a non-tech person who finds herself in charge of a lot of tech both in my day job and in my writing life, I do pretty well navigating around this place, but let’s face it – I still get giddy when I manage to get a photo to land where I want it to! 🙂

Who knows what changes may be in store! I may even realize I have done some of it right. 🙂



  1. Wow, Cheryl, this is exciting news!
    Sometimes all we need is a kick in the you-know-what to jumpstart our progress, and it sounds like that’s just what you’re doing. As you know, I work with many self-publishing authors, and I share a lot of great content with them through emails and on my Facebook and Twitter pages, but so many of them are resistant to “the new way of doing things” (read: building a platform and creating a tribe), so as an editor, I’m excited to read your post and know how much more successful you’ll be. The road to success IS always under construction—congratulations on taking the next step of building your career as an author. (P.S. To anyone reading this comment, you must read Cheryl’s book, Far Away and Ever After!)

    • Thanks, Candace!! I am so psyched to take this blog class. Only one more day till my certification exam and then I will have some time and energy to devote to it. 😊

  2. Bee Halton

    Hi Cheryl, I can’t wait to see how your blog will develop. I am on a blogging marathon, and I just love it. Your theory of motion and not motion is sooooooo true. I have signed up for Jeff Goins Newsletter but couldn’t read it often enough so I stopped again but his ideas are just great. Good luck and have fun!

    • Hi Bee! I am just starting this course and am nervous and excited all at once! 😊 Will definitely keep you updated!

      • Bee Halton

        Brilliant! Am looking forward to it 🙂

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