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How to Lose 300 Lbs with No One Noticing

Sounds crazy, I know, but it can be done! I lost over 300 lbs last weekend alone and no one but my husband has noticed! 🙂


I sorted through the piles and mounds of books in our “library” and donated over 16 boxes of books to our public library. My husband helped me lug them to the car and then into the library. It was exhausting, but exhilarating. And it has made us both crave more clutter-clearing and spaciousness.

This weekend I am attacking the clothes closet and dresser drawers. I plan on being ruthless. I want to see the floor of my closet again and maybe even get a peak at the bar that the clothes are hanging from! It’s been years!

More than just allowing me to finally check an item off my life long “to-do” list, clearing clutter in areas that have quietly been driving me crazy has done more for my inner peace than I ever imagined. If you are anything like me, you get too busy with work and family to get to every part of your home that needs your attention.


I get in collecting phases where I just know buying one more book, or a few more yards of fabric is just the treat I need for surviving another day in the trenches. Next thing you know, you are being buried alive in the things you love. Too much of a good thing does not always equal a better thing. What this over abundance of good things we love does is feed our guilt. We are too busy to read that book, make that quilt, watch that video, play that game, learn that hobby, etc. We will get to it another day, week, or year. And time slips away, dust collects, and we feel guilty. Guilty for having spent the money in the first place; guilty for not giving our attention to the things we love. And we get caught in the no-time-for-me-I-am-so-busy cycle.

It is not a happy place to be.

Maybe it’s just me. If so, I will have to let my therapist know that we need to focus on this area. 🙂 But I think we all have this problem to varying degrees.


Clearing clutter is helping me make room to enjoy the stuff I truly love and keep. It is allowing me to stretch out and rediscover pockets of joy in our home instead of only seeing another thing I should spend my precious limited time doing. Shoulds are no way to live. I want to make enough room in my life so that my “shoulds” become “get tos.” As in I get to sew a quilt today instead of I should really clean out that bookcase or drawer.

It is also helping me to feel more in control of something. When life gets too whirly and chaotic, it is good to seize control of something – no matter how small. One weekend, I cleaned out the spice cupboard. That was it. Just one tiny little space. But it made me realize that little area had become akin to a game of Jenga and I had been cringing every time I opened it for fear of what may come tumbling out.

Need some sanity in your life? Clean you spice drawer/cupboard. Straighten out the junk drawer in the kitchen. Match and fold all your socks and toss any with holes because you know you will never have the time or energy to actually darn them. Or if darning socks is your refuge, have at it! Find small ways of taking back your spaciousness.



  1. Oh Cheryl this is fantastic. Both wise and witty. I love it. Having been going through a similar transition from more to less myself this really speaks to me.

    It is unfortunate in our modern lives that we get so court up in the need to be ‘busy’ and ‘have more’. We could really learn a lesson from the ancient cultures in this, for example the Samurai households held very little above what was necessary to survive, Men would arrange flowers, women would calligrapher, all of which where considered talents, sociably acceptable traits, and hobbies, ways of bettering self and nurturing relaxation at the same time. The homes where always clean and everything was calm. I often wish my home could be like that.

    Kudos for losing so many books. I hate to book cull but sometimes its a matter of life or death by paper cuts.

    • So glad this resonated with you! I have set the clutter clearing aside for now to focus on some teaching projects that are coming up, but I do have plans to attach the kitchen and other pockets of clutter!

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