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Another Hundred Pounds Gone & A Sweet Surprise

The rate I am going I should be skinny by next week! Oh, wait… It’s not pounds of fat but pounds of clutter I am losing. Well, the fat will just have to wait til next week I guess. 🙂

I hit some closets and dresser drawers on Saturday and can actually see the bar that the clothes hang on now. Sadly, I was not nearly as ruthless as I had originally planned. I have a stack of twill pants and jeans in the next size down that are practically new. I just could not bring myself to toss them knowing that the next area of my life I plan to clean up is my eating and exercising (or lack thereof!). I did manage to hull out three large bags of clothes to donate and one bag of shoes, tees, undies, and old socks that went in the garbage though. Phew!


My husband has gotten bit by the bug as well and while he didn’t attack his closet yet, he did go through some of the garage and pulled two broken amplifiers and an old computer. We took a romantic trip to the county landfill first thing Saturday morning. I had never been. I must say, it was a bit of a let down. We only had some electronics so we got to drive in as far as the first building to drop them off and didn’t get to see anything really. Maybe next time!

My husband then decided to take two amps that were still in good working condition down to the local guitar shop to either sell them outright or trade them in on something. This is where all my hard work must have paid off because I ended up with a sweet surprise at the end of a few very tiring weeks of sorting through my stuff.

While my husband was talking trade-in with the guy in the guitar shop, I wondered into the acoustic room to ogle the gorgeous instruments. I have never played the guitar other than strumming and plucking a few notes. Usually, I spend these trips to the guitar store just following my husband around while he tries out multiple guitars and amps. But Saturday, I was drawn to this little beauty. It is a smaller size so it fits in my hands better and I can reach all the way down the neck.


My husband played it and the sound is large and lush despite the size of the instrument. The set up is perfect (according to those in the know, not me!). While he played other guitars in the shop, I kept coming back to this one and picking it back up. When we were ready to leave, I asked him which guitar he wanted, and he chose this one for me. 🙂

Isn’t she gorgeous?! She is a Mahogany Taylor GS Mini.

So now, I just need to find some extra hours in the week to learn to play! 🙂


I have no illusion. I know a new instrument is hard to learn and takes many hours of practice. I have set a future goal for myself to learn two songs. “Blackbird” by The Beatles, because it is so pretty, and back in the day when I was in college, everyone would play that on the guitar and I never could. The second song I want to learn is “The Fox,” which is a traditional folk song that my dad used to sing and play for me and my sister when we were little. He doesn’t play anymore, so I need/want to learn to play it for him.

This is mostly mandolin but I love their harmonies on it!

I will keep you posted on my progress! 🙂


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  1. Bee Halton

    Well done!

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