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Stress and Naps


Have you ever noticed that the older we get, the more we think of naps as a gift? I had some time off last week and spent my first afternoon off napping with the cat. I got a lovely massage that morning and after lunch decided I really should close my eyes for a bit. Three hours later…

Then comes the guilt.

Do you do that to yourself as well? You spend the day goofing off or sleeping or whatever and then beat yourself up for “wasting” your time off. What else is time off for if not to goof off and nap?

I didn’t get any of the things I had planned on doing done or even started and you know what? It is okay. I didn’t read a book, or cut fabric for a quilt, or clean out another closet, or write.

Life stressors and job stressors have really been adding up lately so I think I just really needed to shut down for a bit.


Actually, I blame the cat. 🙂 It’s impossible not to nap when you have a ball of fluff and love purring in your ear and making biscuits on your chest.


  1. Bee Halton

    I don’t do napping but can’t wait to get a cat 🙂

    • Your cat will teach you to nap! 😴😻

      • Bee Halton


  2. We do that all the time. As if we feel the need to justify our existence every moment of every day. I think we as women do it more often too. Its as if we feel we’re not entitled to relaxing, enjoying periods of time where we aren’t ‘doing something useful, on the to-do list (which will be there tomorrow, it won’t go anywhere), or considered work in general’.
    It’s conditioned behavior, conditioned thinking.
    We’re definitely worth more. 🙂
    Taking time for ourselves is very healthy.


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