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A Tribute to My Sister

My sister and I were born less than a year apart. This is our shared birthday week. 🙂

In honor of her birthday, I would like to share a musical tribute to her. Every time I hear one of these songs, it takes me right back to the house in Minnetonka. And there we are again spinning our 45s on our portable record player and dancing around the living room. These songs make me feel like grabbing my hairbrush-microphone and putting on a show!

If you read my posts via email, please click on the link to my blog so you can grab a hairbrush and sing along!! Laurie, I expect you to remember all the words! 🙂

Happy Birthday to us, Laurie! I love you, my OLDER sister! 🙂


  1. Happy Birthday to you both! Wow, that playlist is a real trip down memory lane!

    • Thanks, Candace!! I had so much fun hunting for these videos! A real TBT!

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