Catching Fireflies

finding magic along the way

This is a book.

booksI came across a beautiful ode to books the other day. It is called “A Father Introduces His Newborn Daughter to Books,” and it was posted on a wonderful site for readers called

Go on, I will wait while you zip over there to read it… 🙂



book6This new dad has an obvious love for books that shines through as he explains to his baby girl that “Books give  you a way of decoding this crazy muddle of life. They will give you a way of describing the world, a way of finding your way through the extraordinary and the everyday. They are also a much needed refuge and escape.”

He goes on to say that books explain our world and reflect it back to us – the good and the bad. “This world you’ve inherited is more unfair and cruel, more complex and fun, more beautiful and generous than you dare imagine. If you want proof, read.”


book8It made me think of all the books I have absorbed in my time here on earth. There have been too many to count. There were books that I looked to for wisdom, and others that I waded through because my grade depended on it. There were books that taught me how to do things I was interested in doing – knitting, quilting, photography, writing, cooking. There were others that showed me different viewpoints on various topics like spirituality and history.

But I think the vast majority of the books that have passed through my life, both those that I have forgotten and those I never will, were ones that I looked to for escape and the pure pleasure of spending some time in another world.


My fiction tastes run the gamut – kids books, YA, contemporary fiction, literary fiction, fantasy for young and old, mystery – you name it and I have probably dipped my toe in and tried a few titles.


Ever since I first read Go, Dog, Go, I have been addicted to words. I posted about this love of reading here. Go check it out. It will make you want to dig up a copy of the books you loved as a kid.

My love of a good story transcends the boundaries we all place on books. It doesn’t matter to me if the book was written for 4th graders, teenagers or modern soccer moms. If the story is good, it will whisk you away from this world and the cares of your daily lives. So go ahead. Immerse yourself in them! Wallow in them!! Those stories have stayed with me all these years, and I will probably still be reading them when I am 90!

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  1. Bee Halton

    I feel exactly the same and read the same vast choice. Life is too short to just stay with one genre 😉

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