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Dreaming Big and Shaking in my Boots

I want to dedicate this flashback to anyone who needs to dream bigger…

Dream Big Enough to Scare You


Ok, now that I have your attention!

I saw this on Facebook awhile back. (I find a lot of great quotes on FB!) And wow, did it smack me upside the head!

But really, it’s true, isn’t it? I mean, if you are going to just dream small, approachable dreams, why bother? You can reach those with the smallest amount of discipline and effort, right?

No, you need to dream big enough to make you pee your pants just a little bit. You will feel uncomfortable; you will want to run home and hide under your bed; you will think about turning back and giving up many times. You will know your dream is big enough if the mere thought of it makes you want to throw up a little from the combination of excitement and fear of failure. You will be forced to do things you never thought you would be able to do. But you will do them, and you will feel euphoric when you look back on those moments and realize that you were strong enough, brave enough, wild enough.

Life is short. We hear that a lot don’t we? Life is short. But, really, it is. And sadly, it can be gone in a flash, unexpectedly and without warning, the rug can be yanked out from under you and wham! All that time you thought you had to go for your dreams tomorrow, or next week, or next year – it’s gone.

So I ask you, what are your dreams? What tiny steps or giant steps are you taking toward them? Are you willing to do the things that scare you a little or a lot to reach those dreams?

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, no. I can’t do it. There will be time tomorrow when I am stronger, when I am braver.

And I am here to tell you – you can do this. You’ve got this. You have the ability and the courage to do this. One step at a time. And with each step, you grow. You become stronger. You find that the step that freaked you out yesterday really was not that big a deal. Look at you now, with that step behind you!

You got this.


  1. I agree with you. If you want to reach for the stars, you have to dream big.

  2. I whole heartedly agree with this. I love big scary dreams, that everyone thinks I am mad for having, because then I know I am onto something really important and worthwhile. Love this post, its a great motivation.

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