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Sit Down and Shut Up

I have realized that the universe sends us lessons when we need them. And I should always follow along…

I have been taking an online workshop on self-hosted WordPress and the Genesis theme and extender plug in. It is my hope to some day move my little ol’ blog to a self-hosted site where I will have even more freedom to play. (Don’t get me wrong – ROCKS! and anyone looking to start a blog should definitely try the free version first.) But as with anything, I need to grow and spread my wings.

So, being a complete newbie to so much of the computer world, I did what I always do. I found a class and some books and have thrown myself into it. (I am a total nerd at heart!)

The universe must have though this was a grand idea, because a few days before I was going to just dive in, sign up with a hosting company and see what happens, I found a message.

This message came in the form of an opportunity to take a website design workshop for FREE. All that is required of me is to do the work and provide feedback so the instructor can better gear his course toward the absolute beginner.


So, I am a few days into the project and am loving it. This teacher is awesome and is breaking it all down into easily doable steps so we don’t get overwhelmed. I will be sure to share his site and course here when we are finished and he begins offering it to the public!

The hardest thing for me to do when learning something new and different is always to tell my inner critics to sit down and shut up. The little voice giggling in my head saying “who do you think you are to try” needs to be reigned in. I think we all have times in our lives when the brain imp comes out to bamboozle us into quitting too soon (often before we even try). I am here to say that if you ignore him, he eventually goes to a dark corner and sulks, leaving you to get on with the work at hand.

Finding this gentle nudge from the universe in my Facebook feed reminded me of some other instances of the not-so-subtle shout-outs from the powers that be that I have mentioned in my blog. Please feel free to click back through memory lane and learn the lessons that I did – our inner demons can be tamed. It is something I work on daily. But I am starting to learn.


  1. Good luck with the rest of the class! Can’t wait until you can share it!

    • Thanks! I am finding that I have an inner tech geek!

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