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Ready? Set? Go!

“Ready” is a crutch. It is the oldest excuse in the world. It is the sound of another brick being added to the wall around your comfort zone.

I have to agree with Hugh Laurie. You are never truly ready for anything – not the performance you have practiced for weeks, not that test you have studied so hard for, not the promotion at work. You can never prepare 100% for every possible contingency. There will always be things you still need to learn, skills you still need to acquire.

Mistakes will be made.

This is how we learn and grow.

Perfection would be equivalent to being ready, completely prepared with no room for error. Perfection is highly overrated. It has killed more dreams and more art than any other obstacle. The need for it, the striving for it, the expectation of it. All contribute to a lot of people never dipping a toe into unknown waters.

Instead they sit on the shoreline and wait to be ready.

I think there is no greater time like the present to run headlong toward the pond of uncertainty and what-the-hell and throw yourself in the deep end! What is the worst that could happen, after all? A colossal belly flop in front of your family and friends? Laughter from the people sitting on the shore too afraid to try or to start.

I have news for you. Deep down those folks laughing at you are jealous. They wish they had the courage to put themselves out there. They wish they could take a chance before life passes them by. They dream, but they keep their dreams buried in the subconscious. It will come back to bite them.

Making a big life change is scary. But y’know what is scarier? Regret.


  1. “Being ready” is just like “the perfect timing”… if you wait for it to happen, it doesn’t.

    • Exactly! “Ready” is a lie. You are NEVER totally ready, and that is where we grow.

  2. Daphne Shadows

    Wow. Yes! You are amazing. I love this.


  1. Some Words and Links | DaphneShadows

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