Catching Fireflies

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The Universal Truth

Every now and then, in the middle of our busy lives, the universe likes to remind us what is truly important. There we are, all caught up in the minutiae, stressing about every little thing, caught up in the drama. We are racing from task to task, checking off our list. We are too busy to connect to each other, too busy to take the time to sit and really listen to each. You know what I mean – just another ordinary day.

And out of the blue, you hear something that stops you in your tracks.

Someone you used to know, sort of still know has passed away.

And you stop and you think, “wow, that is such a shame.” After all, she was young – younger than you by a decade. And didn’t she have two youngish children. And now you hear that they are not sure what happened to her. And that makes it even sadder. You cannot point to a drunk driver, a freak accident or even a specific medical issue. She is just gone.

This weighs on you for days, this loss that isn’t even truly yours. Your heart goes out to her family, her kids. And days later, you still find yourself drawn to the memory of this girl who seemed to have so much life in her still.

And it occurs to you that even though you weren’t close, really only shared a class a few years ago and then saw each other on Facebook or Twitter, even though you didn’t talk with or see her, it is still your loss.

It is a loss of innocence, a loss of feeling safe in our little lives. We all understand that life is finite, but we like to pretend as we go about the business of living and get caught up in our day to day that life is not short. And it is. It is very brief. And yet, we always imagine there will be more time.

So even though this was not a friend, merely an acquaintance, her death has hit you hard. Because it has brought the truth up close and personal. Life is brief. It can end inexplicably, without warning. And it can leave you with so many things left unsaid or undone.

Take this to heart, dear readers. Life is short. It is the truth, not just some cliché we repeat. Do not get complacent. Do not just go through the motions. Do not lose the chance to do and say what you need to do and say.

Rest in peace, L.


  1. Daphne Shadows

    Good to wake up to life, to have someone shake it up and open your eyes. Thanks. 🙂

    • It is always a painful lesson when the universe loses someone to teach it. 😔

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