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For the nerd in all of us

Last week, I told you about my recent brain fog and lack of focus. I also mentioned that I have recently come across a number of sites that offer classes in writing and other topics that intrigue me. For those of you who are also a little nerdy at heart, who hear the siren song of freshly sharpened pencils and blank notebooks, here are some links that you may find of interest!

Writer’s Village University  – Very affordable, friendly community, peer-led classes

Ninja Writers – I have not taken these courses yet, but follow the instructor on Facebook and Medium and always like what she shares. Great subscription price and it looks like the courses are very thorough.

WANA International – as in We Are Not Alone! Love the classes that I have taken here. Also, the tribe is very active.

NaNoWriMo – It may not be November, but the forums at National Novel Writing Month are still hopping. You can always do Camp NaNo!

Ed2Go – Affordable classes in writing and other areas

Gotham Writing Workshop – I have not taken classed here, but they have a great reputation for teaching craft.

Writer’s Digest – LOVE Writer’s Digest! – can you say FREE? 🙂

DIYMFA – For those of us who do not have the time or money to go for our masters in creative writing. – There are some writing classes here, but the rest of the offerings are what caught my eye. All sorts of things I need to learn to make writing a business! – Like, but I caught a newbie sale and bought 6 classes for $10 each! Wide range of subjects and skills to learn here! – the possibilities are endless!! – because we all want to learn to knit or quilt deep down! Add in photography, drawing, painting, cooking… This is to feed your muse!

SheWrites University 


The Writers’ Workshop

Learning Path – FREE

Or you can do the old-fashioned self-created course like me and actually read and work through all those wonderful writing books you have accumulated over the years!! 🙂



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