Catching Fireflies

finding magic along the way

Fire in the Belly

What good, indeed??!

I say, if you aren’t sure where your passion lies, at least figure out where it DOESN’T take you. Then you can passionately work to keep yourself away from that which doesn’t kick up your skirt.

But by all means, do SOMETHING!

Life is so tenuous and short. It passes before you know it. And so many of us are going through the day-to-day, checking off the boxes of things that need to be done. We are missing it and more importantly, we are missing the point of it.

Find something that makes you giddy way down in your stomach where those butterflies live. What makes you giggle and smile when you are all alone? What did you want to be and do when you were a little kid?

Don’t fill your bucket list and then wait to start. Do it NOW! Quick before you are too tired, too old, too feeble.

Follow your artistic dreams, the ones you never thought you were good enough to do.

Take that trip you have always planned in the wee hours when you couldn’t sleep because the stress kept you awake.

Reach out to that person you lost track of or had a falling out with, the one who you used to laugh with, the one you miss when you let yourself admit it.

Pursue that topic that has always intrigued you even if other people think you are a little mad. Transcendental poetry? Great! Bugs with more than 50 legs? Awesome! Beekeeping, basket weaving, soap making, ancient Latin philosophers, caveman art? Whatever makes your pulse quicken!

This is your show. This is your one great life. FILL IT all the way to the top!


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