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The Fool at Peace

Some would say that I am too trusting. I tend to give people and situations the benefit of the doubt. I like to believe that there is good in everyone and that people don’t have ulterior motives. I am sure I have been taken advantage of because of this.

But I do truly believe that if we don’t give people the opportunity to surprise us, they will always disappoint us. If we continually believe that people won’t come through for us, they won’t. If we approach every situation as though someone will hurt us, they will. If we decide ahead of time how people will act or respond, we will often be discouraged.

The issue arises when we assume that what others perceive as right will be the same as we do. I am not talking right and wrong as in legal and illegal, or good vs. morally corrupt. I am simply talking about how we treat each other in our daily lives, the little ways in which we communicate.

Trust is a scary thing.

We give it sparingly or we find ourselves with hurt feelings, bruised egos, and years of therapy.

But, despite almost 50 years of being sometimes disappointed, I still believe that the good in people wins out most of the time. People will make mistakes. They will speak without thinking, word things so they sting, use a tone of voice that leaves you feeling vulnerable. We all have those moments. We are human, after all.

I like to believe that people are inherently good, and that given the chance, people will avoid hurting others. Sometimes they are in the middle of a lot of their own crap – stress, illness, pain of their own. When this happens, they don’t watch their words and buffer their actions with empathy. They act out in ways I never saw coming.

Yet, I continue to believe.

Call me, naive, or just plain stupid. Some may find it foolish, but I find a greater sense of peace in approaching the world and my fellow humans with a sense of acceptance as opposed to expectation. I am learning to be present and really see people as they are, scars and all. We are all far from perfect. But if given the chance to surprise you, we just might.



    Loved your blog. Pictures are wonderful. A bright spot in our day, Love, Mom and Dad F

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