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If your plate is full…

Four years ago, I talked about how full my plate already was and why I just keep adding to it. Well here I am – another year and more stuff on the plate. In addition to the day job and trying to squeeze in some time and energy for writing, I have been working on some textbook revisions for a publisher and have just agreed to help another instructor out with some classes. This week brought a phone call from a regional business school asking if I would be interested in teaching a new class next year. And I said, why not!?

I have learned that if you think your plate is too full, all you need to do is get a bigger plate! Somehow we manage to accommodate and meet new challenges. And after all, I am in a phase in my life where I am learning to say yes to things outside my comfort zone! 🙂

From 2013 –

If your plate is full, get a bigger plate!

I haven’t been around WordPress as much as I would like and I apologize for some slow blogging on my end.  Not only have I been trying to get over the loss of my two cats, and introducing some new kittens into the fold, but  it seems I may actually be crazy after all, which is something I always suspected. 🙂

After much consideration, I have decided to pursue Practice Management Certification (for my day job). There are some steps along this road that I need or want to accomplish before the big one though, beginning with Medical Coding Certification. Class starts tonight! Some people may think that taking on extra work and stress when it won’t affect my job title is a bit crazy, but I have always been a geek when it comes to school and classes and learning new things.

Now most of you know my love of back to school and all the pens and notebooks that it brings. And this morning was no different. I was downright giddy as I packed my new books into my new backpack and opened up packages of pens and highlighters. (It’s an addiction, I know.)

Upon hearing that I am about to embark on an 80 hour journey, some people have asked, “how do you have time for that?”

I think it is the same as with my writing. If something is important to you, you make the time. You juggle your other responsibilities and shift some priorities around temporarily and you just do it. I am not naive enough to believe that I can pull off this class AND NaNoWriMo this year. So sadly, that will have to wait for 2014. I also know that I will need to focus on this class and my board exam before I can focus on the self-publishing journey again.

But the beauty of having a lot of goals and dreams is that one does not necessarily preclude the other. There is no rule written in some ancient stone somewhere that says you can’t chase many dreams. Isn’t there a saying that says if you want something done, ask a busy person? Or, how about objects in motion stay in motion? 🙂

A friend and fellow blogger, Bee, said to me in an email that her day job grounds her in her writing. I have given this a lot of thought since she wrote it and I have come to understand that I agree with her.

As artsy as it is to moan about my day job cutting into my writing time, or keeping me too busy and brain-dead by the end of the day to even think about sitting down to play the violin, I like my job. It not only challenges me and gives me the opportunity to work with some great people, but it pays the bills and helps me really appreciate the time I can set aside for creative endeavors.

I know me. If I had 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to write, not a lot of writing would get done. I would find a lot of mindless tasks to fill my days. My day job keeps me pretty structured. I like the fact that I don’t have to travel for it, and for the most part, I can leave it at the office when I close the door at 530pm. That leaves me time to focus on other pursuits.

But I have also realized that after 20 years in the medical industry, I need to continue to challenge myself, and certification is a great way to do that. (And I can’t begin to tell you how old that just made me feel — 20 years? Seems like yesterday I was working retail fresh out of college!)


I will still be here – posting once or twice a week. I won’t be writing outside of here or working on my book again until after my class ends in late December. Wish me luck!! 🙂

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  1. Rosemary Reader and Writer

    I’m in exactly the same position, Cheryl. As for making up jobs to fill time, don’t I know it! Right now I should be writing a lesson plan for class tomorrow evening, knowing that later on today I have to go to dentist and tomorrow afternoon I have church book club. Ho hum.

    And I have to write blog post for Association of Christian Writers on Wednesday. Yes, this coming Wednesday. Ho hum

    Also… I’ve put aside this week (when husband is away) to continue working on novel. Ho-hum.

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