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Baby Steps, Dear Heart

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is for us, as adults, to be beginners? We would much rather sit on the sidelines than try something new and look foolish. We would much rather stay in a situation that is no longer ideal than have to begin again, than to start at the bottom.

Earlier this week, I substitute taught a medical coding class for a friend of mine who was down with the flu. I met a group of great women who are all embarking on something new. I asked them to tell me where they are now and why they are taking the certification course. One by one, they told me where they worked and why they had signed up for this year long challenge.

A couple of the students are already working in the medical field and wanted to get into coding. One was hoping to be able to work from home and provide for her young daughter. The rest of them were in other unrelated fields and long for something new, something different.

They come to the class every week (and a couple Saturdays) for four hours at a time for an entire year. They come, in most cases, after already putting in a full 8 hour day, or in the middle of a 40+ hour week. They come knowing that they will have three times the amount of time in homework and studying. And yet, they come.

It is good to have dreams.

Dreams make the long hours and struggle worth it.

Dreams allow us to try new things and learn new things and not worry so much about how we look while doing it.

A few people in my life started new jobs this month. 🙂 They are beginners again -new to a position, new to a company, new to the individual tasks. There is always a learning curve.

It is hard to go from being in charge to not being in charge but there is a benefit there too. The reduction in stress alone is worth it. Sometimes you need to do the menial tasks in an effort to learn the big picture. It is especially difficult to ask a lot of questions instead of being the one with the answers. But that is part of the process.

May you all learn the process of letting go of who you thought you were supposed to be, and find who you are right now. May you all dream big. And may you remember that there is always something positive in every new experience.



  1. Daphne Shadows

    I WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT THIS TODAY WITH MY SISTER!!! and at my support group. great minds think alike ;D

    • I think it is one of the hardest lessons to learn- how to allow ourselves to be the beginner. No one likes making errors and mistakes in public, but it is part of the learning process. My old voice teacher always said it is better to do things poorly until we learn how to do them better, than to not try at all.

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