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The Blame Game

We live in a world where people are often quick to point out errors, and slow to hand out praise. Placing blame squarely where it belongs in our opinion is the knee jerk reaction many people have when faced with any problem. Car won’t start? Blame the last guy who fixed it or drove it. Computer down? Blame the internet, a virus, the kid at the Apple store, a meteor. Late for work? Blame the cat, your spouse, your kids, your alarm clock. Still suffering from the flu? Blame the doctor, the lab who created the vaccine, the kid who sneezed on you, your coworker who came to work sick.

No one likes admitting fault even when it is ours to own. In all my years in the workforce, I have learned to always be the first to admit when I have made a mistake. I probably take this too far and apologize for things that are completely out of my control as well, but that is an issue for another post or another therapy session.

But what do you do when there truly is no one to blame for an issue? Do you punch a wall, rant at the skies, or just curl up in a fetal position and wait for the fallout?

Recently, I was faced with a situation where everyone did everything they possibly could, and still, it didn’t work out like expected. Everyone was frustrated and trying to resolve the situation. And yet, there is always someone whose initial response was let’s figure out who could be at fault and make them miserable. Why do people do this? It serves no purpose other than wasting time and energy focusing on blame instead of finding a solution.

Next time you are in a situation where the outcome did not meet your expectations, please focus on the solution and not in finding fault. This can be applied to work, home, and personal life. There is enough blame in the world. If you are ever in doubt, sit back and watch anyone posting on social media about politics.

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  1. Joan

    Really good Blog. It made us think. Thanks for sending, Love, Mom and Dad

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