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Developing a Platform of Positivity

There is a movie called Man of the House where Tommy Lee Jones is a federal agent tasked with protecting a group of college cheerleaders who witnessed a murder. He poses as their coach and gets thrust into a pep rally where he is expected to “inspire and electrify” the crowd. And he does just that, telling people to hold their team up on a “platform of positivity.” His speech at the pep rally goes something like this…

All right. Bring it.
This torch right here represents…
the spirit burning deep within the heart…
of each and every Longhorn that never can be extinguished.
All right.
All right, you’re all here because…
you want to see your Longhorns emerge victorious.
You want to see them dominate the football field…
and win the football game.
Well, then it’s up to each and every one of us to help them.
We got to raise them up.
We got to hoist them high…
to put them on a platform of positivity.
Any fool can feel good when you’re winning.
But when you’re down points in the fourth quarter…
you got to ask yourself, “Who you gonna call?”
I tell you who I’m going to call, and that’s these ladies right here.
They’re the most spirited group of young ladies I’ve ever seen…
or had a chance to get to know and had the privilege of coming in contact with.
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

I wanted to find a clip for you, but Youtube came up empty. So you will just have to watch the movie. 🙂

Now you may be wondering just what in the world I am talking about here today… I’ve been thinking a lot about positive thinking lately and how it can strengthen and heal us. And this little pep talk got stuck in my head along the way.

Tommy Lee Jones’s character was talking about a football game, but the same concept holds true for so many obstacles in our lives. Adopting a “platform of positivity” and putting positive vibes out to the universe helps me to face challenges and things that scare me.

I’ve talked about this before –

The Names We Call Ourselves

The Words You Whisper

Fake It Til You Make It?

For those of you who are more science-minded, there are many articles out there to support the theory that positive thinking is one of the best life skills you can learn. Helen Sanders over at wrote a great article about the power of positive thinking on your health. Check it out here.

Negative thinking and worry does absolutely nothing to remedy your situation. I know switching off your worry is not easy, but sometimes you just have to lay your load down and let the universe take over. Understand what is out of your control and say a prayer instead of fretting over it. Maintaining a negative state of mind has serious repercussions on your emotional and physical well-being.

On the other hand, adopting a positive spin can actually boost your immunity and improve your health. It also helps you become more resilient and handle stress and pain better.

So how do you switch gears and drop your negative-Nelly act? After all, it’s easy to feel good when your winning, but how do you feel good when your down in the fourth quarter? Helen gives you some simple but effective ideas in her article.

Having suffered depression and anxiety for years, I know that when you are at your lowest, some of these gear-shifting ideas may seem too simplistic. Smile? Really? But, simple changes like this can have a serious impact on your outlook. I promise! 🙂 The smile may seem forced at first, but before you know it, it will become second nature.

Changing your outlook, and your life, takes conscious effort. It will not happen overnight. It will not happen without some work on your part. But it can happen, and when it does, you will wonder how you ever managed to get through the day carrying all that worry and negative energy!

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, indeed! 🙂


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