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Taking My Own Advice

Last week, I listed some idea of how to get through the long gray days while you wait for winter to turn to spring. Sometimes you have to follow old passions and sometimes you have to take hold of new ones…

I have found that when I get a bee in my bonnet about something – quilting, writing, reading, music – I also turn into a bit of a collector. I will openly admit that I have suffered from SMAD or Sewing Machine Acquisition Disorder. I have gone through bouts of binge reading which results in binge book-buying. I get obsessed with a particular style of music or artist and hit the virtual Amazon aisle to stockpile all the CDs I can. (I realize I just dated myself. What can I say? I am a CD girl and cannot get into the whole downloading music thing…)

And then there is the other side of music…

Recently, I have been obsessing a bit over ukuleles. Yes, you read that correctly.

It isn’t just the listening that does it to me. It is the urge to play and make noise. My husband has this too in the form of GAS – Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. And now, it has turned toward the oft underappreciated ukulele. In the last week of researching a ukulele purchase, I have learned that Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome is alive and well in our world! It is not just a local phenomenon that races through our household.

After much deliberation and obsessing over sound clips and in ukulele forums, we have ordered a beautiful instrument from a ukulele store in Hawaii. As I start the wait for my uke to go through a full set up, I am starting to wrap my mind around a few things. 

  1. The people playing in those video clips on the store’s website can probably make a $20 instrument sound wonderful.
  2. Talent will not be delivered with my new ukulele.
  3. There will be missed notes and broken strings. My fingers will be sore.
  4. The cats will probably not be too happy.
  5. It is too late to become a prodigy, but it is never too late to learn something new and have fun.

Rob and I will be attempting some simple songs and he has threatened me with a recording! 🙂 It will not be for months if I have anything to say about it but you have been warned…

How can I see these and NOT want to play the ukulele??


  1. Anonymous

    A bunch of the teens in my life right now (and there are LOTS of teens in my life right now!) play the Uke! It is amazing and such a fun instrument! I can’t wait to hear you guys play.

    • Holly Bentley

      Not sure why that posted anonymously. 🙂 Guess I wasn’t logged in.

    • So beautiful and so portable!! I already have a wish list for others a mile long! 😳

  2. I definitely want a recording!!!! Can’t say I am a uke fan but I think its a fun instrument. And that is what I wish you both!!!!

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