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Anticipation Mode

As Tom Petty always said, “The waiting is the hardest part!”

Last week, I posted that I had splurged and was anxiously awaiting a brand new ukulele! Of course, I don’t play the ukulele… yet… And still I wait…

Set up time for new instruments from the shop can take 2-3 weeks! But we wanted it done right, so we are leaving it to the professionals.

In the meantime, for those whose interest has been piqued by the idea of an ukulele…

US Stores:
Hawaiian Music Supply – The Ukulele Site
Uke Republic
Mainland Ukes
Elderly Instruments

European Stores:
Southern Ukulele Store
World of Ukes
Eagle Music Shop

Ukulele PuaPua


  1. Good luck in learning the uke – it’s a fun, interesting & versatile instrument to pick up. If you’re interested, we have a lot of free resources & tutorials linked to on our group;s site (see my signature block). Jeanette

  2. Have fun with your new ukulele. Here is one of my favorites. My son-in-law and my grandsons at the ocean :

  3. You go girl! I hope you have lots of fun!

    • I will have to serenade you via skype!

      • Oh cool! So looking forward to it. Please choose something I can sing to 😉

  4. Another one jumps ship! Looking forward to your updates 🙂

    • Uke Acquisition Syndrome is real!! I haven’t even gotten my uke and already I am drooling over more…

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